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Transmission Knock


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I am a new owner of a 2005 1200gs and had a question. Here is the condition: engine idling, in first gear with clutch engaged. If I pop the clutch suddenly just enough to engage the clutch plate to the transmission, I hear and feel a knock in the transmission. If I repeat the same thing slowly, the clutch grabs as expected without any knock. I don't hear any knock when driving/shifting normally. Could this be from normal play in the drivetrain that is amplified by my rapid on and off clutching? Bike has 13,000 miles on it and well cared for. Thanks.

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Sounds like normal driveline lash. Have you owned a bike with a dry clutch before? On a wet-clutch bike, there's usually a lot of drag when the clutch is disengaged, so that the driveline is preloaded even before you let the clutch out; no WHACK. This doesn't seem to be the case for BMW dry-clutch bikes: the driveline can be pretty much unloaded - in fact, if you clutched-in while rolling to a stop, the driveline lash will be wound up in the opposite direction - and then if you let the clutch out with any rapidity, you take up all that slack in the driveline with a good WHACK.


Sometimes at a traffic light, once I clutch-in and shift into gear, I'll roll the bike backward a couple of inches before clutch-out, just to eliminate that noise. I don't think that WHACK hurts anything, I just like keeping things civilized. :grin:

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First dry clutch bike. BTW I do have the slight weeping of tranny fluid from either front or back seal. I'm getting a good education about the 1200gs personality!! Looks like I'll be doing the seals soon. Thanks.

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