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GoPro Camera, PIAA lights


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Just finished stage 3 of my upgrades.

Garage Door controls

PIAA on/off switch on the fairing ( Ride Side)

GoPro Camera installation with on/off switch and on/off record

The best part is the gopro is power by the bike and be able to record when you want. Safe a lot of room on the disk and less time editing


Two more stages to go. I just love the upgrades. Wanted to share with the group. Here is a quick pic. The company also did a page writeup for my bike at




Any questions, please feel free to contact me or stylerider.com


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Have you shot any video with the camera there? The reason I ask is that I've spent much of the last two weeks trying to mount my regular camcorder on my R1200R. Tried a RAM mount to the handlebars and a suction cup mount on the tank. Way too much vibration to be of any use. I ordered industrial anti vibration couplings and bushings. Tried both. Still too much. The only way it works is on my head.

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