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Clutch finally works


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So after a few months of asking for help with my clutch on my 96 R1100RT, and getting lots of great input which helped it last this long, I finally just did the job. My doctor cleared me to lift up to 50 lbs 2 weeks ago, and I am feeling a bit better each day, so I decided to get started.


My buddy who I had loaned it to while I am in recovery brought it back by last tuesday, and my clutch arrived the same day. Wed AM I put it on the lift and dove in. It was a ton of work just in the amount of bits and pieces you have to fiddle with to flip up the tail. I just put a bike pancake jack under the trans and put a tie down on it, left the rear wheel on the final drive an rolled the unit straight back with the entire trans and drive together.


Fortunately the bell housing was bone dry and NO sign of any seals leaking. Just tons of black powder dust. After a thourough cleaning and spline inpection, absolutely perfect, I lubed it all up and started re-assembly. I noticed that getting the clutch alignment was gonna be key to have the the unit sliding together easily, after a bit of contemplation i found a 1/2" socket out of a cheaper socket set I had fit just right inside the clutch disc and the 3/8 square end fit almost perfectly over the clutch push rod. I did have to take a 3/8" drill bit and drill out a small round shoulder that was inside the socket, but that was easy and didnt even hurt the socket for future use. I slid the rod thru the clutch and spring plate with the socket over the rod then tightened the pressure plate bolts. Perfect.


I then took 2 long 8mm fine thread bolts and cut off the heads and lightly screwed them into the engine cases as guide pins, rolled the rear assembly back in and started the reassembly.


It all went together easier that the disassembly actually because I could see easier ways to do things like the battery/ABS controller box. That thing was a PITA to remove and a PITA to reinstall, but after a bit of starring I figure a way to put it back that was a BIT easier. WHY couldnt they have split the battery portion of that box from the ABS unit? that would have made the job alot easier and quicker.


I spent a total of about 10 -12 hours on the job over a 5 day period, I have to take alot of breaks to rest my neck, but that 10-12 hours included alot of cleaning, detailing and a TB sync.


Not too bad overall and she runs perfectly now. Man do I love having a bike lift, sure helps with a sore body.


Can't wait till I get cleared to actually ride now, but until then its back to my buddy's so he can do some confident riding with it running properly.


Rubberside down guys...have fun

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I wish I had known...I have a clutch alignment tool you could have borrowed. I've got the guide rods as well, but they're basically just M8 bolts with the heads cut off, and a slot dremeled into the end so you can get on it with a screwdriver to install and remove, so no biggie there.


I agree about leaving the whole wheel/final drive/trans together and removing them as a unit...it saves a bunch of time vs dismantling everything.

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Yeah if you dont need to service the drive shaft and final drive just rolling the unit back is really easy.


If I would have thought to ask if anyone local had clutch alignment tool that would have out well. As it was the way I did it worked out just fine and it only took me 10-15 minutes to figure out a plan B. Thanks for the offer though.

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Great work and it's good to see the end of such a big task. I did my R1150RT clutch a couple of weeks ago. Like you, I used a makeshift alignment tool and it took no more than a few seconds to mate the transmission with the engine.

So much of the time was spent cleaning parts.

It'll be easier second time around. :thumbsup:

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kmac, how many miles did you have on yours? I have a 96 too (49k) and haven't done the clutch yet. I don't think I have any slippage yet but you would be surprised at whay you get used to.

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My bike only had 14k on it when i got it and it was slipping when I bought it. The previous owner was riding it with the clutch way out of adjustment down at the trans. I am sure he was an inexperienced rider and likely heavy handed. I hear of 100k + miles on stock clutches all of the time, but as usual, not mine.

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