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R1150 RT Hexbar that operates the windscreen

John Carr

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I've broken the lower right bracket that attaches to the hex bar that is attached to the motor that raises & lowers the windscreen. I've bought a new replacement and am having trouble trying to get the old one off. Does anyone know the procedure? I thought I could just punch out the old one off of the hex bar but that doesn't seem to work.

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I've solved the problem by using a punch on the hex bar to separate the bracket from it.


John, I have had the exact same problem last winter when replacing my frame... The bike tipped over a Pegaso after the side stand entered the wet earth, the windshield was all that was damaged.


Anyway, I have ordered a SH unit from ebay from a guy parting RT's in DE and the replacement part was stuck, as if it has been sitting in salt for the past 10 yr... I cut down the old metal part, then punched the bushings out, greased and installed my parts which are in perfect condition and all is well now.



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