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My legs are too short!


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A few pages back in a previous post asking about lowering an 1100RT someone suggested just swapping out springs. They suggested EPM Performance Imports. Anyone actually try this? It sounds like a great solution if it is viable. Or is there more to it than just springs? And finally, I don't see the R1150RT on their chart but the 1150R and 1100RT are on the chart. What's with that?



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I don't think that is going to do it for you. In fact I will go as far to say it's a BAD idea. Talk to the shock retailers and tell'em what you want to accomplish. Shorter shocks will work fine. Remember also that it means lower ground clearance.

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The best way to lower suspension is to shorten the travel of the shock internally, usually a spacer is added.


Softer springs is not the best way to lower the motorcycle.


Either way, lowering a motorcycle will reduce ground clearance. Lowering the suspension should be the last resort. May have to shorten the side stand, also the center stand may be more difficult to use.


Try removing seat foam to lower the seat height. Also making the seat more narrow at the front can help touching the ground.


As long as I can get my toes on the ground I am fine. I cannot recall the last street bike I owned that I could place my feet flat on the ground.

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Before you start cutting up the seat, try and find someone in the area that has an 1100rt as the std seat has less padding and is narrower at the front than the seat on the 1150rt.


The 1100rt seat will fit straight onto the 1150rt without modification and shoulg give you a better seating position with regard to reaching the floor

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Gentlemen thank you. Yes to all of the above. Really my bike is pretty good now, I can almost flatfoot but I had not heard about EPM so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if anyone had any experience with them. Of course any bike with sagged out springs is a little lower so shorter progressive springs will indeed make some difference. As to it solving the short inseem problem remains to be seen. I'll keep what I have. Thank you.

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Nigel thanks for the reply. We added replies at the same time. Actually I lucked out just as you describe. I found an 1100 seat. The previous owner had removed a bit of padding in the rear of the seat as well then purchased a big dollar low seat. Like I say, my bike is pretty good as is. I like that 1100 seat and would sell the nice Corbin that was on it.

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