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Another new R1200RT owner, first ride today


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First thing I'll say she sure is a different beast than my 04 R1150R with a growly exhaust!


Not as "visceral", a lot softer "around the edges". I wasn't as

prone to get on it and listen to it and feel it growl, but it does

move out quite well.


Of course with the considerably different character of the whole

package, and me being 64, I wasn't all that adventuresome.

Besides, most of my drive was on windy hilly 2 lanes at 20 to 50

mph around Boulder Dam, coming out of SE Vegas. About 30 mph

freeway altogether - you sure don't have as much sensation of

speed on it. Not as much hard vibes, but seem to be over a

wider rpm range. Ordered some foam grip puppies today, they

really helped my old shattered nerves on the 1150R.


I wasn't all that thrilled with the exhaust note - I understand

there's an optional muffler for it that sounds more muscular, but

I imagine that's cubic $ for that thing.


All in all, I'm old enuf to like the idea of just pressing a

button to get out of a blustery wind, and another button to

smoothen out rough pavement.


I would like to lower the footpegs some like I did on my 1150R -

my old knees are sensitive, too. On my 1150r I lowered and moved

them forward about 2" ea using GS footpegs/brackets/shifter/brake

lever. Worked like a charm, esp in combo with setbacks/risers.

That'll be another tweak to be done soon to the 1200 are risers/setbacks.


I didn't enjoy, or even really take, long rides at all on the

1150R because of the seat. I'll be in the Vegas area about 3

yrs on a construction project which is the excuse I used to get

the 1200. 40 miles ea way to work, and sooooo much scenery all

around. I've got a feeling I'll be taking longer trips on this

than I did on the 1150R.


All in all, with some more miles to get the feeling of this bike

I know I'll be very glad I have it. Gonna keep the 1150R for

shorter trips and jaunts around town.


Gonna have to spend some more time with the operator manual -

so many buttons!






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Welcome on board... there are fixes for all the things you mention, as well as a bevy of Forum pals in the area.


Grip Puppies +1... one of the best additions you can make!


Get a Map... Locate Torrey, UT... Ride...

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Yup on the Grip Puppies - have them on my 04 1150R, wouldn't be without them - they're ordered.


Also have the Cee Bailey headlight protector coming, saw one on

a 1200 at the home dealer, decided that would be good insurance.


I looked at the Aprokovic exhaust - WOW! $800+. I guess that

will NOT be coming any time soon! Would like something that

sounds better, but that'll have to wait awhile.


Also ordered some Napoleon bar end mirrors - I don't like not

getting a good field of vision of what's behind me.


Working on getting some more lights on the rear end, and will

install Hella Zenon bulbs in the front like I have on my 1150R.

They really are a major improvement over the stockers.


Also got one of those little combination lock carabiners for

locking my helmet to the bike - are they serious about taking

up the rear seat and screwing around with a cable every time

you want to secure your helmet?!


Finally - and I mean finally - found the Vegas BMW dealer -

he sure did a great job of hiding himself! From south Vegas

and East of I-15, it took me well over an hour and several

back tracks, even with a mapquest map. Couple streets

blocked for construction for one thing.


I'll have to check out Torey, UT. Been around Zion Park and

East / North, great scenery. Thx for the tip!


Took it to Boulder Dam last afternoon, WOW! talk about rugged!

Had been there about 55 years ago (really!) but sure didn't

remember that, guess I wasn't old enuf for it to make an

impression on me then.





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Get a Map... Locate Torrey, UT... Ride...


Looked it up - I can believe it!


Last summer we took an extended auto trip while we had the chance (I was between jobs) to see (mostly) elderly friends & relatives, both sides of the family we hadn't seen for awhile and probly won't have another chance to see for some time.


ANYWAY - we came thru CO on I-70 then turned off at Green River and headed to Provo UT to pick up I-80 in SLC. Also have been thru that country a little farther South - Zion park and there to

North Rim. That's a lot of amazing country! Will have to add Torrey UT to my list if it's anything like the rest of it. Thx for the tip!!

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Congrats! Great ride, but pictures are a must, you could be telling us anything, for all we know you could have bought a Harley and are making the RT thing up, we need proof! ;)

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Thank you sir!


I'm happy with the way the trailer turned out, and performed on it's

first trip out of my yard with a bike on it - 1650 miles from SE MO

to Vegas. Nary a problem, tracked straight and true.


I have to say that becuz it isn't always that my ideas turn out -

the concepts usually are sound, it's the execution that sometimes falters :-/

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Have fun! :)


Being all alone in Vegas (is that even possible? :-) I took off about 9:30 this AM and made nearly 200 miles seeing mostly the

back country. Went south on the old hiway alongside I-15, then had to jump on the freeway for about 30 miles, then went East thru

some amazing country on a barely even mapped 2 lane asphalt thru a couple "towns" that didn't have over a dozen bldgs ea, one even less.

Went thru a lot of the Mojave Nat'l Preserve, saw many square miles of country you sure don't see in MO (!) with gazillions of Joshua trees

and some pretty rugged hills / mountains. Ended up coming back toward Boulder City on a 75 mph 4 lane - gosh that thing eats up the miles

effortlessly! Just like sitting in your recliner.


Much of my trip was 45 to 55 mph, just poking along gawking at the scenery, stopped maybe 2 times for a short break, but sure didn't

get tired of sitting on the bike and didn't get worn out herding it around, or constantly resisting the wind. Now I'm really starting to appreciate

what it really is.


Would not have happened on my 1150R like that! Even on the 75 mph road, I got 48+ mpg going into a good headwind much of the time.


Had to have been the most pleasurable bike ride I've ever taken. I never would have believed I'd put on that many miles if I hadn't been

watching the odometer. Now I know I can venture out even farther and see more of the rugged country around here.

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