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new 2011 R1200rt owner


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Hi All, I cant say enough about this bike its great I mean that I really really like it. A question I have is where does the engine like to run I mean at what rpms if I'm just cruising around and where is the best acceleration from. thanks

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Welcome to the asylum.


To answer your questions, for the first 1000 miles you'll want to vary your rpm range. In other words, don't do as I did, & start a 50cc at 880 miles. Droning on & on on the slab is NOT good for a new motor. But at the same time, you don't need to test the rev limiter right away.

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Welcome Sammy!


I bought a 2010RT and have been very happy. I'm new to boxers... I had a K1200RS before. I find I spend a lot of time between 2K and 4.5K. The newer engine has more torque, but don't lug around.


Vary your rpm and load alot during break-in. Don't be afraid to go up high rpm... and then give her a rest. Things need to be seated and worn in.


You're gonna love it!



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Guess I didn't answer the question correctly. 2-4.5k IS lugging. Hexheads don't get happy till after 5k.


Try it, you'll like it. :grin:

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thanks for the replies from all I'll look for the sweet spot. It sure does sound sweet when you twist the throttle back some now doesn't it.

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After you break in the bike you will want to ride between 4,000-6000 RPMs for the most fun. There's a graph of the torque curve for the 2010 engine (same as 2011)here:




For best gas mileage you would ride at lower RPMs.




Yeah, my reply wasn't well worded either. When I am just "going",2k to 4k. When I'm having fun... heck yeah. We see 6k+.

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IMHO, after initial break-in, ride it like you stole it, at least a good portion of the time. These engines like to be run hard and put away wet.


Note the chart Ozone referred to. Torque and HP rise about 4k and don't really kick in until 5K. I often run under that when on an interstate in 6th but if I'm somewhere where I need power to pass I'll peg down, get the rpm's up and unleash the power. It's fun to feel the power kick in as you cross 5k rpm! The rev limiter will keep you out of trouble!



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