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Azusa Highway 39 open to Crystal Lake

Pennys Dad

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Hi Everyone


Please accept my apologies if this is a dupe, but, Azusa Highway 39 to Crystal Lake is open. A friend and I went for a ride this morning up Azusa Mnt. and instead of turning right to go to the east fork we went left/straight figuring we could make it to the 2000ft or 4000ft road block. The 400ft road block was opened so we kept going all the way to Crystal Lake and at 7am the Cafe was open and serving coffee and tea, prepping for other foods.

The road was pretty good, it got a bit crunchy around the 5000ft make but still wasn't bad.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share some good news and wish everyone a Happy Easter and a restful weekend.

Cya in Torrey - 25 days and counting!!

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THANKS for the update.

The last time I talked to the PIO at CalTrans, she alluded to the possibility that they may NEVER reopen the extension you just rode on, because of really bad soil conditions.

The further portion all the way to Hwy 2 may be forever gone though!




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It was posted, maybe here or elsewhere. I knew anyway, as I had been up there, first for the West Fork, then, two weeks ago the East Fork. Some kid drown that weekend. Fell in the water trying to cross. The water was extremely high. It took two days for the water to go down enough to see his body.

I didn't go all the way to the lake, tho'.


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