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02 sensor


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Morning all

Stripped bike down to do a few things. Removed fuel filter from tank, mounted fuel filter externally. Have a bosch universal 02 sensor and was going to install,

dont have a socket or know the size, but while searching older posts for that info

I read a few people that disconnect [02] and have good results.If I disconnect sensor do I need to disconnect/reconnect batt reset tbs and such?

also while tank is off any maintenance/upgrade/secret items that can be done.



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Afternoon rustyfingerz


The 02 sensor is 22mm or 7/8”—Just be careful of twisting or damaging the wire.


If you don’t disconnect the battery then no TPS reset required..


Try it with the 02 disconnected, most will run a bit better at light or part throttle. If you don’t like it just do your universal install then.


If you do install the universal DO NOT SOLDER the wires as that can block the external reference air and make the 02 act real strange.


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Mines disconnected at the plug. Best thing i have ever done. Runs nicely. Throttle response is a lot smoother at light and part throttle as DR has mentioned.



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thanks tazplas, I did unplug, put a small piece of tape on the male end.

then I partially repluged,and taped around to keep dirt and water out.

replaced fuel tank,cycled fuel pump a few times and it fired right up.

now to replace fork seals.


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