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weatherproof switch '07 R1200RT

Bill Montgomery

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Bill Montgomery

Anyone have any suggestions for an weatherproof switch to be mounted somewhere around the throttleside upper fairing/dash area? This will be used to power a headphone amplifier mounted under the upper fairing plastic. An LED-lit one with 3 connectors would be nice to remind when on.



Bill Montgomery

Stanville, KY

'07 R1200RT

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Morning Bill


You can usually find some nice little or micro water-proof switches at a local (dedicated) electronics store. The Radio shack in may area was “no” help as they have gone yppie and now only sell cell phones and ear buds and toys.

E-Bay has some waterproof switches as well as rubber boots to go on standard switches.

A good place to look for water-proof switches is at a local boat dealer as most boat switches need to be somewhat water-proof


You can also use standard small toggle type switches and buy a rubber cover/boot (like used on boats). That is what I use—standard micro switches with heat shrink over the lower switch body and a nice looking rubber boot over the switch toggle up top.


Check your PM as I sent you a picture of such a set-up.


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