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2000 M97 into 1997 rt


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The part numbers that you can cross reference are all the same, so I don't believe it should matter. You might want to call them and ask, but I'm about 99.9% sure all of the clutch parts are interchangeable on all the 1100's. The only differences I see is that one fiche allows you to order the individual clutch components, and the other makes you order the "clutch kit".


From past experience......the "clutch kit" doesn't include ANY of the one time use stretch bolts, so make sure to order them as well. If you remove the flywheel, you will need new bolts for that as well. Otherwise you will be waiting for $6 dollars worth of parts to come in so you can put your bike back together. Been there, done that :dopeslap:

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The design of the clutch was changed post 12/97 such that the new friction plate will not work with the old cover plates and the old friction plate is not available. The new full pack is a direct bolt on however, so if you have the old pack you must upgrade rather than just put in a new friction plate.



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