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Antenna suggestions requested


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I have an Rt1100 that did not come with the radio package. I've fitted a Clarion system with modified speakers etc, but as there was no hole in the fairing for the factory location, i made a licence plate mount for a standard FM whip antenna. I never really liked this setup but it worked for a few years before the antennas stress releif mount broke on the trunk lid.


I'd love to know what methods have been used to mount antennas on the RT. has anyone tried this one ?


sounds like it could be stuffed under the fairing somewhere ?

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Evening kiwiaudio


I can’t directly answer your question on the antenna shown being used in a BMW but can relate that I use a similar (homemade) antenna setup under the front fairing on my Harley dresser and it works just great on FM but not so good on AM.


Not sure if your set-up shown can be tuned for better AM reception and I never tried to alter my setup as I usually don’t listen to AM stations.


It’s nice not having an antenna sticking up to stick you in the eye and is definitely nice when it comes to putting a bike cover on.


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Hi Dirtrider, Thanks for your reply. FM is actually all i'm interested in, and i definitely agree with you regarding the cover! You reminded me I need a new one of those too !

I talked with a guy out at our local Harley shop who has installed a few of the very antenna i'm considering. He said it performed ok and no one ever came back with a complaint. Not a raving endorsement but there you go. The lack of complaints I take with a grain of salt - Harley guys are a tolerant bunch :grin:


I think I'll give it a shot.

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Found a Boss MRANT12 antenna that has a mounting style that works for me, and it was only $5 on amazon. I'll try that first and if it doesn't work, i'm only out $5 !!


The Tune trapper is around $45.

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