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Garmin 2720 and BlueTooth


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I have a Garmin 2720, no Bluetooth on it, I've just ordered a SENA SMH10 bluetooth communicator set from Rocket Moto (good price $259)


Looking at the Aerostich website, I've found a connecting device that appears it will take my Garmin 2720 audio and turn it into Bluetooth so I could listen to it on my new SENA SMH10 headsets.


The SMH10 is using Bluetooth 2.1 and the Aerostich thing is Bluetooth 2.0, from what I've read these should be compatiable?


Here is what I've found from the Aerostich site.






Does this look possible? am I understanding this correctly?



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yes, I have a Radio Shack converter connection that makes it 3.5mm...


so I THINK this will work, I've called RocketMoto, and the guy was on a plane so I was unable to talk to them about the SENA SMH10 units, but I think this might work.


This might be much cheaper than buying a new GPS, I like the Garmin 2720.

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