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passenger grab rails? 1150RT


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So, my girlfriend LOVES to ride, but she's having some pain in her arms (which she says she'll put up with if that's what it takes to continue riding). (note: she has fibromyalgia, so the pain is a bit more than just the standard pain).


The problem is this. She can't see beyond my helmet, and there are times when she lurches forward. Now, this could be my fault and perhaps I need to make changes in how I ride to mitigate the situation. But it also happens when we're stopped on a down hill, etc. Right now, she grabs onto the plastic things that eventually form the luggage rack on the back. We have a top case, so there is no issue as far as backwards movement, it's all about stopping the forward movement. However, where she grabs is not only behind her, but also below. This has caused some pain in her arms (perhaps carpal tunnel?)


I looked into fabbing some sort of handle that would bolt on under the passenger seat to the frame and come out under the seat to make handles, but I couldn't figure out a way to make it thin enough to not interfere with how the seat sits but still thick enough to be strong. We also experimented with mountain climbing straps to the same frame, coming out to form handles, but that didn't really work either.


The last thing we're going to try is to get a corbin backrest for me (we have corbin seats). We're hoping she can use that as a sort of brace/thing to hang on to.


Mind you, she's not putting all her weight into holding on, just something to sort of help brace herself.


I looked all around and couldn't find any aftermarket solutions for this, so I'm wondering if we're alone in this or has nobody really figured anything out?


thanks for any help!!



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How about making a flat iron (or aluminum)clamp that is in two pieces held on either side of the luggage rack supports and having a round bar attached to that in some way? The bar could either be bolted or welded to the bracket depending on the tools you have avaialable. In the picture below, I used white poster board and a piece of white PVC pipe for contrast. The poster board would represent two pieces of metal with the dark circle indicating where a bolt would pass through to hold (clamp) them to the luggage rack. The outer piece would have the pipe welded to it with proper length and curvature to allow her fingers to wrap around it at approximately the level of the top surface of the seat or slightly below it. Of course there would be some andgles to deal with on the rack, but I have found that building proto-types from cardboard and/or plastic is very helpful to determine sizes and angles before working in the more difficult medium of metals. Give it a shot, the worst that can happen is that you risk a few dollars worth of metal plate & a couple lengths of pipe. If you get it all to fit and have enough strength to satisfy you and her, then have it powder-coated in matte black and maybe cover the gripped part with a thin foam pipe wrap for comfort.


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Peter Parts

You can make a belt you wear with parts to grab. Looks silly but why should a biker care about that.


Best bike posture, as with classic Brit bikes and /2 BMWs, is like horse riding: your lower legs and knees hold tight and a strong pelvis is needed too so you are barely resting your butt (OK... on short trips). Pity not all bikes facilitate this posture and esp. for passengers.


So the problem might start with her fitness. Get your S.O. to do her pelvic tilts and squeezes. Insist on it! You too. (I guess everybody knows the main personal benefit I really have in mind.)


People who know only Harley upright sitting with feet out in front will not know what I am talking about.


The Corbin backrest is unmitigated garbage. See my write-up and ergonomic discussion on an easy DIY ("Corben") backrest (with nice picture showing the mock-up fitting) at URL below at the bottom of the TOC.



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As far as the helmet slap, I find I can do more about it...


1) My shifting is getting better. More of a blip than a full shift. Perhaps best described as a cross between a conventional shift and a clutch-less shift.


2) I preempt the slap by leaning forward. I do this when braking.


Side grips are a nice idea though. A top case, with backrest, is still in our future too.

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Mod the rear seat to stop her from slip forward on stops. Like building up the front of the rear seat. Try doing it yourself or take it in to have done & it'll be made to look good. Adjustable rear pegs to move her feet forward might help her too. Last girlfriend had same problem of moving forward on stops.

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We always ride with the tob box on.

Our top box is a GIVI unit with a backrest.

My wife rarely holds on at the back unless I have gone into 'persuit mode'.

She generally leans back against the backrest and places her hands on her thighs to reduce body movement on deceleration.

She has also been known to hold my hips/waist if she feels there is a bit too much movement and needs more purchase.


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Years ago I asked a dealer if anyone made a backrest/ARMrest device for the RT ... he replied "Who would want that?" ... Me for one.



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