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Creased Remus Exhaust Collector-Impeded flow???


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Previous owner creased/dented the exhaust collector. I am wondering if it is having an effect on the flow and engine performance. I believe I have a stick coil issue that I am about to resolve, but figured I should address this while it is off the bike.


What are your guys thoughts...Run it as it is? Fix it , but how?


Here are some pics..







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Oh, and HI! I am new to the board. have had my rt for less than a year now. I love it. here is a pic when I picked her up from the seller. tires were hammered !!



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Evening mach5er


Well it sure isn’t helping it any. No way to know by just looking if bent an internal baffle enough to impede flow.


The only way to know for sure is to either cut it open and look or stick a fitting in the 02 sensor bung then hook a pressure gauge to that fitting and ride it under full WOT power and check the back pressure.


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The long diagonal crease is there on purpose to accommodate the center stand when retracted. I had the very same Remus system on my RT and always had problems getting a good fit where the factory header pipe meets the Remus. It always leaked even with metal shims. I ended up going back to stock and never had any desire for an aftermarket exhaust after that.

Nice looking RT BTW

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Ah, it is there on purpose! That is nice to hear. I was dumbfounded why the crease was not scored with deep scratches. This now makes sense. Thanks flat_twin for setting me start and saving me much grief. I'll throw it back on and watch for leaks.

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Are your shocks shot?

Agree with Mark, the main crease is there for the center stand, but looking at the muffler, you either need to rebuild the shocks or get a skid plate to protect the muffler. I hope the previous owner was the one running over curbs with the bike.

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