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Is cruise control adjustable?


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I recently replaced the left hand throttle control cable on my 2006 1200RT, and balanced the throttles.

Everything appears as normal with one small exception.

I have cruise control fitted which now seems to take 3 or 4 seconds to engage, both when setting it initially, or on resuming a previously set speed. In all other respects operation is instant (closing throttle, operate clutch or brake, use switch to increase / decrease speed slightly)

None of the cables have been misplaced during the cable change, and I am wondering if by adjusting the throttle cables, I have introduced some play into the cruise control cable. Does anyone know if there is a facility for any such adjustment, and if so, how do I set it?

Haynes manual doesn't mention cruise control at all, and the microfiche pics I have checked don't seem to show any adjustment means.

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Afternoon WestyLancs


It does sound like you have too much slack in the cruise cable. Unless you moved that adjustment I would think your issue is improper adjustment of the main cables that in turn rotated the boden box pulley and rendered the cruise cable too long.


But if you want to adjust the cruise cable here is the picture.



Added: remember that if you start to get the cables too far out of proper adjustment the cruise cancel switch in the boden box won’t drop the cruise hold when you twist the throttle twist grip all the way forward.



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Nice... I didn't even know that I could cancel the cruise control by twisting the throttle all the way forward. Gotta love this forum :) I learn something even when I don't expect to.

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Thanks Dirtrider.

I'll check them all when I get chance over the next couple of days. Although tick over (1100 rpm) and pick up seem smoother than ever since they were balanced.


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Morning WestyLancs



Smooth throttle pick up and smooth tic over have nothing to do with proper throttle cable length (setting) if the boden box pulley is in the wrong rotational position. You can have the TB balance correct but still have the lengths wrong in RELATION-to-each-other.


Pay particular attention to the STARTING cable position of BOTH cables at the twist grip as that controls where the lower cables, cruise cable, and boden box pulley end up. (that cable starting position is in the service manual)


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Hi Dirtrider. Just taking the time to say it's my fault!!

Just checked (bike still in bits) and found just what you stated - cruise control pulley in the Boden box was seated in the wrong slot

on the throttle cable pulley (if that makes sense?)

Everything else was as it should be. Result was approx 20mm of free play in the cruise control cable. Pulley reseated, and play is now as it should be.

I'm quite sure all will now be well on reassembly.

Thanks again. :thumbsup:

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