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First longer ride of the season


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Got my 08'RT out for 385 miles Sat. 18K on bike and have yet to perform the scheduled service though many of the items have been addressed prior.(diff change, brake bleeds. Seems to have a painful seat/bars vibration above 4.5k rpm. First time ever felt this on any BMW I have owned. Any help would be appreciated.

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You are do for the 6k service which includes a valve check/adjust and the TB sync check/adjust. I would start there.

I did notice a little buzz in the seat until I burned off the winter storage fuel. I also add 1oz of techron per gallon of gas.

empty the tank then do the annual.


Do a quick check of vacuum hoses, etc. I sent 5 mice to their maker over the winter months and one pissed off squirrel who wore the trap for a hat (apparently they like peanut butter)


Good Luck

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I have had the 600, 6000, 12000 done. This would be the 18k. I have talked to a few retired mechanics and both said it could be a bad coil.....And after starting tonight it warmed up enough to get the oil temp to show, it did not idle as well as the 11' that I played with Sat.

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