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The Pathfinder


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......following the failure of the bike on the way home from work late last October, Andy came over yesterday to investigate further to determine the cause ......


He'd already been once and at that visit we removed the bodywork, rear wheel, shock, exhaust and starter motor, so this time it was down to the nitty gritty.


After a few hours of dismantling, disconnecting, cutting of cable ties, gnashing of teeth, it was discovered that ................the clutch is TOAST....and the gearbox [this was removed] may have damage to it although the splines on the input shaft have some wear it needs someone who knows about these things to determine whether work needs to be done.


So the Pathfinder is now, in effect, folded in two with the two halves held together by ratchet straps and under cover for protection from the elements.


I'd like to thank Andy for a 200 mile round trip to come to my aid once more.


Things we both learned yesterday:

My wife makes a very nice ham and cheese sandwich.

It hurts when you crack your head on the frame of the bike.

It hurts just as much when you do it again.

You should remember that it hurt the first time and not let it happen again.


Andy also helped me fit a replacement rear light cluster to the car [this is a new to us 2nd hand Peugeot 306 turbo diesel 306 estate car which has replaces the previous one which lost out in a confrontation with a Land Rover on a country lane a couple of weeks ago and was subsequently written off].


Next step is to price up the clutch replacement, and for Andy to speak to the gearbox specialist to see what, if anything, needs to be done to the gearbox.

With money tight at the moment I need to keep expenditure down but realise that it will be false economy to put the gearbox back on if there's doubt about it.


I'm hacked off right now cos I love riding the bike, and yesterday just made me realise how much I miss riding, but at least I now know what's wrong with it.



Thanks again Andy.




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Hey Steve, great to see you posting again. You and Andy have been a consistent duo with great ride reports with supporting pictures. I hope the refresh of Pathfinder goes well and quickly too. Now, are we going to have to suggest that you wear your helmet when wrenching? :rofl:

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I fear that in our eagerness to get at the bike, the donning of crash helmets would surely only have one outcome .......... the need to replace the crash helmet!!!


Ya can't teach an old dog new tricks ..or in my case, any tricks!!


Ride safe.



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