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For the Denver area tech crowd: Wilbers front shock redux


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Herman at Wheels & Wings sent me a new 10mm 1.5 thread pitch nyloc nut for front shock and the install went rather fast compared to last week.


Lacking a tool and die set I stopped by a local MC shop and had them chase the threads on the front shock's upper mounting stalk. The threads weren't that bad as it only took all of five seconds to run the die over them and get it straightened out.


The new nut arrived this afternoon and all is well, everything went back together just fine. The new Wilbers shocks seem to have jacked up my RT's overall height about 1/2" and the difference between old and new is striking. I can't wait to put them to the test in CO mountains!


That's the short version of this story for the great folks who helped and commiserated with me as things went well then went south at last weekend's Denver area tech session and meet-n-greet.


Again, thanks to all and especially Bob Sheehan who suffered along side me as we both cut our teeth on the install. :thumbsup:



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I was curious how much a difference you noticed on the way home with only the rear shock changed out?


The rear shock difference was big. With the original unit leaking for an indeterminate amount of time I guess I'd gotten used to its poor performance. It didn't take me long to appreciate the new unit and make me glad that I'd opted to go with a full set instead of just replacing the rear.

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Glad it's all fallen into place Randy, I hope to have the same "new' experience with replacement Wilbers soon.




After going through the experience the first time I found the second attempt to be amazingly simple. I kept thinking about what your BMW dealer's quote and congratulated myself for saving so much money. Afterwards, I popped the top on one of them Great Divide microbrews Mrs. Caddis sent home with me after the tech day. Life is good.....

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