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ABS fault

Peter Room

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I may be doing something wrong but my search of the hexhead renching forum gave no results for ABS.


My 09/2006 R1200RT has the ABS fault light on continuously, the servo is not making any noise or applying any rear brake when I apply front brake, and there is no ABS function when I lock the rear wheel. Otherwise, as per the handbook, the bike rides OK but I must remember I have no ABS.


The 911 diagnostic tester gave the following output:


24048: Power Supply to ABS Pump motor faulty

The fault is currently present.

24049: Power Supply to ABS Pump motor faulty

The fault is currently present


I took the tank off, disconnected battery, then disconnected and reconnected several times the long, only, electrical plug on the ABS module in case that would clear any poor connection, then reconnected the battery - the fault remained.


A multimeter showed good connections between the 2 red live wires in the ABS plug, and the battery and alternator +ve terminals.


This all suggests a problem inside the ABS module, possibly seized pump motor.


If anyone else has experienced this problem, could you please let me know the outcome and any additional diagnostic tests I could do to identify the cause.


(Sorry if my poor searching failed to find an existing thread on this topic)



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Afternoon Peter




Not many problems with the New Gen brakes that I have seen, those thing have gotten pretty reliable.


The only things I can suggest are to:


- check the brown wire (term 30 something if I recall correctly) for a solid and “resistance free” chassis ground.


-Check the green wire for power with the key on.


-And check the large red wire for battery power.


Otherwise check for above 12 volts on the above 2 power circuits and if above 12 volts even when applying the rear bake (must have rear wheel spinning to test) then I don’t know what to tell you other than dealer computer time.


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My ABS pump just failed on my 07 1200 with 30,000 miles and six months past warranty. Luckily I got an extended warranty when I bought the bike. $2400.00 bill cost me $34.00.


My "brake failure" light came on, than a day later went off and a week later came on and stayed on.


The irony here is that I've never been a fan of extended warranties and only ever purchased one once before and that one too paid of in a big way. It was for my HVAC at home.


Good Luck, Rod

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Thanks for the speedy responses DR & Rod.


I checked the brown, green etc wires as you suggested DR and all are functioning. When switching on the ignition to test the green wire, I was surprised to hear not 1 but 2 separate 'motor' type noises plus a ticking-clock noise from the main computer - surprised because I thought the ABS motor was dead and the fuel pump is in the tank not currently on the bike.


One motor noise was from the ABS modulator and certainly sounded like something was rotating for about a second. The other motor noise seemed to come from at or just above the front brake calipers - it started about a half second after the ABS modulator noise stopped, ran for about a second, and was a series of rapid taps like a solenoid might make. Very curious! You need very quite conditions to hear these noises, and probably need the tank off to hear the ABS, but I'm sure they are there!


Rod, did your dealer simply replace the whole ABS modulator (a sealed unit I think) without giving a diagnosis of exactly what had failed?



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Evening Peter


One of the noises your will hear is both side idle stepper motors on the TB’s resetting, they have a ratcheting type sound.


What happens when you spin your rear wheel slowly with the key on then lightly apply the rear brake pedal, how about the same when you lightly apply the front brake lever?



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I've been going through this same drill. I have an '07 K1200GT that displays the red 'Brake Failure' message. The GS911 reports the same error that Peter stated above. Since I bought the bike from a private party I don't have an extended warranty. The original owner only put 250 miles on the bike in three years. The light came on after that. I find it hard to believe that the entire ABS modulator went bad that quickly. Since the GS911 reports the failure is the power supply to the pump, is there a way to test that?


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Hi Peter,


The dealer ran a diagnostic test and it indicated the unit had not failed but was not working properly. The tech said that insurance may have a problem with only a caution indicated. He reset the fault code and told me to see if the "brake failure" came back on. It did before I got home.


Because the ABS pump is pricy the insurance company (Pinnacle) sent a rep to take a look at it. He agreed it was shot and it was replaced.


On the 07 all I lost was the ABS, the brakes still worked perfectly. Without insurance I may have put off the replacement for a time.

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The limited power supply was the very thing the diagnostic at the shop indicated. My guy said that means the pump is on the way out.


I have to believe him because the insurance rep agreed.



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