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Transmission Color


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Hi all. My first question for the group. I have a 04 RT which I bought used a few months ago. While doing the service on the bike I noticed that the transmission is unpainted, just raw aluminum. I have seen pictures of other R1150RTs with their plastic off and those had black transmission. Is mine an oddball or did some RTs come from the factory with unpainted transmissions? The bike runs great and the only problem with the transmission was a leaking output shaft seal which I replaced a few weeks ago. And on my bike the engine block is black and the cylinders and heads are silver.

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Afternoon azccj


All the 1150RT’s I have seen had black from the factory but you just never know if a few got out unpainted.


My guess is that the trans was replaced at one time either under warranty or by a previous owner.


Maybe have your local BMW dealer run the S/N (if they will) to see if any warranty history available. Or maybe talk to the previous owner(s).


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