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SRC-System & Zumo 550


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So I took the plunge. New C3 and the SRC-System. I have a Zumo 550 with XM. I have a IPhone 4. The iphone syncs just wonderfully and music flows great, calls are wonderful. Untill I get on or close to the bike. then the calls stop working. Dang it if I don't ewant it all. The phone when I want it, music from the iphone, and the xm, and directions if needed. I am sure there must be a way, but am struggling. Any help?


Thanks, Chuck

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I'm not sure if you are pairing the phone via the GPS connection or the mobile connection. I sold my nolan and picked up a C3 with the SRC and I'm disappointed in the SRC.


The nolan would both pair and connect to a A2DP and HSP device at the same time. I had a streaming sony device which handled the GPS, Radar detector and Radio via a mixit2, then I paired the phone directly with the nolan which worked as long as I disabled A2DP on the phone.


The SRC does not. If I pair either the zumo 660 to it using the GPS pair, it still pairs up the A2DP profile, so I can't pair another streaming device. Or if I pair the phone to it using the mobile channel, I can't pair another A2DP device to it, even though I've turned off A2DP on the phone.


Very frustrating.. I'm hoping the 3.0 update which is due out soon will include the 2nd A2DP channel like the Cardo Scala G4 3.0 update did which should fix my issue.


In your case, I would pair the zumo using the GPS setup (plus button I think) and the phone using the mobile setup (phone button). The zumo 550 doesn't support A2DP so that may work. I would reset all the pairings first. I assume you are syncing the phone directly with the SRC and not through the zumo 550.

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