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Home made bike lift


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I work construction and always seem to have choice bits and pieces of various shapes of steel "follow me home" :-)


And being laid off and having to watch my pennies, AND being 64 years old with bad knees, I got real tired real quick of having to get down on the floor to do things like change clutches. The hardest part of working on any vehicle any more for me is getting up off the darn floor.


So broke out the welder and porta band and dug into my goody pile.


Not the absolute handiest lift in the world to use, but I've got a total out of pocket investment of about $20. And it's rock solid and stable at 16" and 24" platform heights.


For once or twice a year, it's just fine.


And it's SO much easier doing anything major on the bike now!


You'll probly have to copy and paste the link into your address bar. Links don't seem to show up in this forum, unless I'm missing something?



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Danny caddyshack Noonan

For pasting in pics, click the fourth (the little picture) button from the left above the typing window and select one of the options. You'll have to preview to see what you like best. Then, paste in the photobucket direct link into the popup window.


And, as they say on another forum, $20 lift? You must have a Kawi KLR.

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If the link does not end with a graphics file extension such as .jpg, the picture button will not work.

If you just want to link then use the webpage button (2nd from left on the posting form:



Nice job, by the way!!!


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