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Thin walled spark plug socket OD?


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Another spark plug question. What is the OD of the thin wall spark plug socket. I'll be turning down a regular 5/8" spark plug socket tomorrow at work. If anybody has done this what OD works without being too thin. I tried to measure the ID but can't get my caliper in there with the plug in the way.


Thanks again guys!

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The OEM service tool # 12 3 510 is 20.5MM OD (.808")


I have never used a turned down socket, but the OEM tool has a very thin wall.


Good Luck


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Morning Steve


I have a socket I turned down to .850” and that j-u-s-t fits both my 1200 hexheads. It’s tight on one side of one engine so maybe just slightly smaller to be sure it fits yours.


If I remember correctly the spark plugs are .692”-.694” across the peaks so that should leave enough meat to not split.




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