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BMW to KIA !


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Well, I did it, never thought I would but, due to no room at the inn, I sold the GQ (my much loved 1995 525i 5spd). Deb doesn't drive stick, doesn't LIKE to drive stick plus she doesn't feel comfortable taking a 16yo BMW on long road trips.


Taking its place in the garage is a new 2011 Kia Optima EX in the same colours as the GQ, white with beige interior, almost the same size motor and h.p. BMW 2.5L I6 v 2.4L I4 GDI motor but with a 6speed auto! It comes with outstanding warranties, excellent creature comforts and, more importantly, good gas mileage on Regular gas.


So, after 2 days and 250 miles....I love it already :clap:.

The car drives well and is loaded with features, one of which is cooled front seats, ideal for Texas. It has too many gizmos to recount (and bore you with) on here but, suffice it to say, I believe it will be a worthy successor to the GQ plus it needs way less maintenance.


My two "other" BMW's have plenty of room and, hopefully, won't be going ANYWHERE ;)!



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Funny you post this as I was beside one today for quite some time as I drove my truck to the BMW dealer to drop off my bike for more warranty repair work. :) Wow!!!!! That is one beautiful car. I kept looking at it and commeting to myself how good it looked.


Congrats! Look forward to seeing some pics!!!!

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Hi Phil,

I can not get the 'Boss' out'a that 525I.My My that service interval warranty deal!.Beats gettin under around the bimmer.Better get her on down to the KIA dealer.


Best Regards From 'The Shake ee! Isles'



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Caveat: Be extra anal about keeping your receipts for oil changes and any other maintenance you do.


I have known of several instances where they have refused warranty work because the car wasn't maintained at the dealership and the owner could not prove the maintenance had been done.



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Optima is cool looking, built on the same platform as the Sonata, another great looking car. Heard good reviews about them, glad to see Korean cars are starting to lose their cheap car image. Enjoy.

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Nah! Getting the EX and not the Turbo was part of the new car "negotiation" with Deb.... ;)


All you married guys out there know what I mean LOL !


Pics will be forthcoming shortly...we spent the weekend anally detailing it. Looks even better than showroom now LOL !


After 350 miles now....avge (30 city/70 highway) 28.7mpg.

Highay mileage, cruise at 70 I easily see 34/36mpg and this with a new motor!


The 6speed auto tranny is wonderfully smooth. Again, Deb and I REALLY like this car.




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Ok! The car exists and here's the pics to prove it ;) :

Front qtr view



Rear qtr view








And we are both really loving this car.... :clap:

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