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Fl to BRP


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I'm getting a set of Wilbur's in Edgewater, FL next and then will be heading up to the BRP. Any ideas on a nice route would be appreciated.


Cheers, Rod

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Lord help ya. Anything south of Alanta bites! :P JMHO. Lots of back roads but still flat and boring.

As you may gather I'm not too fond of the back roads as I have had way tooo many close calls with left turners, pull outs, overstuffed trucks and run ups.

Others here have had better rides outta this place and I'm sure will give ya some good skinny. :thumbsup:


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If you're leaving from Herman's shop on the east coast, not much until north of Macon.



Or somewhere else as a destination?

That will make a difference.

I might be tempted to just work my way up and over to 441 avoiding the coast I 75 and Atlanta.

Once you bypass Athens there are various routes to get to nice roads and then the BRP.

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I live in Port Orange which is just north of Edgewater. I take 95 to 295 to 1/23 and then use my GPS from there. It takes me on nice backroads, knocks off 80 miles and takes about the same amount of time . If your not in a hurry, take A1A to avoid 95.

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Calvin  (no socks)

I'll trade..... Gimme a good route thru Houston at rush hour... :grin:





From Edgewater...."Get there" rural route...US 1 to Jacksonville, find I-95, blast thru Jax...I-295 west to Lem Turner exit (route 115), north to Calahan. US 1 thru to Folkston, US 1 toward Waycross, GA 15 to Athens, 441 from Athens to Cherokee. Done this route 15-20 times.


Multiple Slab routes, pick one...faster..DAMHIK


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Thanks, for the help. I appreciate it.


My wife is vacationing with her mother and I've got two weeks to just ride and camp so I'm in no hurry. I'll head to the mountains if the weather's not too cold and ride back west if it is.




By the way the tip on Houston rush hour is to avoid it!

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