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Gastric Bypass surgery for diabetes -11days later

Gary in Aus

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Gary in Aus

I had a laparscopic gastric bypass {roux-en-y} operation on the 28th March 2011 and I am amazed at the results so far.




I am 55 and until 5 years ago was {as I thought} in very good health.


I used to row surf boats



which kept me fit , I played veterans rugby up until 4 years ago and even though retired I still have a 1100 acre farm that I run as a hobby that keeps me busy along with committees and boards on which I sit that also keep me very busy.


My now 17 month old grandson also keeps me on the go.


About 3 years ago my health started to decline and over a 18 month period I was placed on cholesterol ,gout,arthritis, blood pressure and diabetes medication.


I actually caught the first cold I have ever had !!!!


Prior to this medication I was lucky to have two Panadol a year.


It became an issue that was the medications or the diseases that made me feel the most unwell.


My weight ballooned to 125 kg when I have been around 100 kg since about the age of 20 {95 to 100 kg was my ideal rugby playing weight}.


I have had surgery to repair various damage over the years , a few broken bones,shoulder reconstruction, my knees are shot {see rowing attachement}and will probably have them done at the end of the year {both need replacing} after a 2 month holiday in India and Africa.


Started getting kidney stones and have had about 6 removed and last year had to have gall bladder removed.


Over the past 12 months all my medications needed to be increased and my diabetes {type 2} started playing up. My blood sugars were erratic and my general health declining, always thirsty ,always urinating ,taking ages to heal,broken sleep etc etc.


My next step was to start injecting insulin and the suggestion was made that I may have a pump installed.


My GP {for nearly 30 years} and who I trust unreservedly told me I was at a cross roads and needed to make some serious decisions regarding the remainder of my life.


Somebody discussing your mortality always gets your undivided attention.


He completed substantial research and reccomended that I see a upper GI surgeon about the gastric bypass.


While I was carrying more weight than I needed it was not really concerning me and I had always thought of this type of surgey as a weight loss procedure only.


After much research and excellent feedback about surgeon ,I decided to have the operation.


It was strange deciding to have major surgery when you didn't feel really unwell/in pain .


Kidney stones are at the top of my list in the pain stakes compared to sciatica,breaks ,sprains,burns etc.




3rd March first visit to surgeon

7th March stress test,heart assesment ,MRI etc

8th March Blood etc

10th March second visit to surgeon

14th March started pre op diet

28th March Surgery {2 1/2 hour op}

29th March walking laps of hospital

31st March discharged in the AM feeling better than I have felt for a couple of years .


I am on a liquid diet until the 18th April then go on soft foods for a further two weeks.


These are my own personal results and may not be the same for everyone.


My blood sugar on the morning of the operation was 18.2.


The following morning it was 9.5 and that evening it was 6.0.


The next morning it was 5.2 and has been around 5.2 ever since.


I no longer take any diabetes medication.


My blood pressure has returned to around 120 over 75 which it always was except for the last few years ,so they have taken me off my blood pressure medication as well.


My cholesterol has returned to normal levels and they have taken me off my cholesterol medication as well.


I have not had any gout medication for over 10 days {usually 2 or 3 days without would cause flare ups} .


I have also not needed any arthritis medication either.


My weight has dropped from 125 kg to 110 kgs since the 14th March ,target is 95 kg.


I now sleep through , no waking for the 6 to 7 trips to the toilet ,and waking up thirsty for a drink.


Sleeping through is a wonderful thing


Fortunately for me this operation has been a breeze .


My wounds have healed and I only used about 12mg of the 100 mg of pain relief in the "on demand" pump.


On the third night after the operation I had 2 panadol before sleeping and have not needed any pain medication since.


I know it is early days but I can't believe how simple this whole process has been for me so far and my surgeon has told me that most ,if any problems usually occur within the first few days.


So far so good.


I have to reiterate that this is my experience and it has all been positive ,it may not be the case for others and have heard some terrible stories.











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...He completed substantial research and reccomended that I see a upper GI surgeon about the gastric bypass....


I've not heard of that as a solution for diabetes? Thank you for sharing, Gary. Congratulations on a good outcome and continued good health.


Will they undo the bypass at some future date or is this expected to be a permanent solution?



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Gary in Aus


Kathy ,

my GP used to be a very expensive anaethetist in Sydney but chose the relaxed lifestyle of the Illawarra to be a family GP .


Lifestyle over income I think.


Please see attached article and there is so much available on the web . We just used "gastric bypass for diabetes"


A good friend of ours chairs a national research council and was able to put us in contact with the right people.


Apparently the New Zealanders are world leaders in this use of laparascopic procedures and have trained my surgeon , apparently my surgeon has also taught these procedures around the world.


It is becoming a primary treatment now in Australia and NZ for a range of problems






The operation that I had is completely reversible if required but the intention is that it will be a permanent solution.


Thank you for your kind thoughts ,I feel like I have been given a second start to life.


It will require a permanent change to my diet but eating less and better will not be a problem.


I need to look after myself a bit better this time.

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