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R1100RT No Spark "Please Help"


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Can any one please help me out?

I have a 1998 R1100RT that was running great. I washed the bike and than I went to start it and it started hard and died started again and looked like smoke or what I thought was steam coming off the motor. But that was it. Now I have no spark at the coil. I am sort of lost on how and what I should test next.

Oh I have the bike torn down to no gas tank and I don’t see any burned wires or any that even look like they were hot.


Please help



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That sounds like the classic scenario for a failed Hall Effect Sensor (HES) harness. The HES is behind the lower alternator drive pulley, with the harness running up to a connector by the alternator. The harness is clamped to the block and the heat degrades the wiring, leading the insulation to crack and then either rain or a wash causes the loom to short out.


Beemerboneyard are a good source of replacements, or you can just replace the harness with heat resistant wire. Ebbo has a good write-up here if you want more information.


edit: Another common symptom is the rev-counter bouncing around with the engine stopped, although this is not always the case.



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One other thing is that the outer sheath always looks just dandy, the damage is hidden inside.



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As Andy has said, the way your symptom showed itself is very typical of an HES failure. Read the article in the lower link below and see if you had any of the other tell tale symptoms:

. Difficulty starting

. Sudden Engine shutdown - as if kill switch had been operated

. No Spark

. No fuel pressure (Fuel pump not running)

. Bouncing Tacho needle

. Possible restart after a drying out period.



If you have access to some simple electronics bits (Maplin, RadioSpares/Farnell/Newark/CPC) - you could make this very simple test box: http://users.rcn.com/dehager/service/oilhead_timing_box.pdf


Read the article below may help you diagnose this further:




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