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XM app/iPhone/Skydock


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I am a long time XM user and over the years I have tried many different receivers in my car. They all had user interfaces which ranged from primitive to crappy, at best.


A few months ago I bought this Skydock unit which allows one to use an iPhone or iTouch as the interface, plus it charges the phone. Plugs into the cigarette lighter, transmits via FM to your radio. Works great, plus it is a snap to move from car to car, as it uses the XM micro antenna which can be had cheaply on eBay. I use the same Skydock in four cars and a boat, each vehicle having its own antenna.


One feature I really like is the Tag This Song. I've been listening to the Jam channel a lot and much of the music is new to me. Prior to owning the Skydock, I would hear a great song on XM, think to myself that I must buy it on iTunes when I get home, and of course by the time I actually get home I can't remember the title or band. But with the SkyDock there is an icon on the screen that says Tag This Song - just touch it and it builds a list that can be reviewed later - it even has a button that will go to iTunes and look the song up. Also, the phone still works while you are listening to XM - obviously the XM gets muted. This is getting XM direct via satellite, not on your iPhone data plan. You can also use it to transmit your iPod music on your iPhone to your radio. I suppose you could even use it with Pandora, though I have not tried.


Prices for this device are all over the map and there are rebates.




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