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R100RS fairing onto an R80RT?

Capt Kirk

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Hi Folks!

I've just scored my 7th Airhead and stumbled upon this great forum... thanks for having me!

My new old bike is an '85 R80RT and a friend wants to sell me a fairing system from a late 80's R100RS - complete with all mounting hardware, lights, morrors & windshield. I'm thinking how nice it would be to have a Summer / Winter bike and am curious if anyone knows if the frames of these two bikes are similar enough to easily eanble this transformation. I see on a microfiche that the lowers on the RS & RT are the same part number but the mounting frames for the R80 & R100 RT's are different part numbers. Help me Mr Wizard! Thanks.

To Life!


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Hi Capt., I didn't get to see it done but I had an '83 R80RT that had an RS fairing installed on it, so it'll work, you couldn't tell it wasn't an RS. And a great fairing it is too, maybe one of the best ever. It was designed by Hans Muth who also designed the R90S, the R65LS, and the original Suzuki Katana.


I think you'll have to change to the RS bars also for clearance.

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