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and now for something really innovative....WT6500 Wind Turbine


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Looks nice, I was surprised they actually listed a price.

The only problem I see is that according to their wind probability charts I fall well below their minimum for best operation.

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Looks interesting. It's always windy in North Dakota. I gave the info a quick look over, I missed the price information and watts?

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Looks to be one of the better implementations. With the enclosed fan, you could mount a screen in front of the blades that would protect birds and bats. You can't do that on external blades.

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here in Ontario/Canada our Power Supplier (Hydro One) pays $0.82/kw, if you are prepared to fight all the red tape. If you feed your output back into the grid, it could make you a little money to decrease your electicity costs and payback would be b4 in about 10 years, much better then for Solar Panels ('bout 20 years in my est.). It is however a mechanical device, albeit with very few moving parts, and the Jury is out on maintenace requirements.

I also wonder about nasty weather, like freezing rain and sleet and snow, would that gum up the works, would you have to wait 'til the blades are thawed out? I would think balance is extremely important. With that in mind, I would presume it is meant to be for warmer climes, like you lucky guys in CA.



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Here $.15 per KWH or less. 1500*.15 = $225 per year.


Say $8000 installed, 8000/225= 35 year payback, if it does not break.


At .85 per Kwh 6.3 year payback Maybe in Canada.


I am getting something else.



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Yeah all fine and dandy if local Laws (politics) allow such a device to be owned,built,operated....etc,proper permits attained and then all the under the table donations (greased palms) you need to satisfy, plus also inclusive are their "inspector/associate buddies* (they come out of the wood work like roaches) when they hear the "gettin' is good....


When all said and done...cheaper/less headaches just to buy off the grid like everyone else......

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This is an exciting new design that looks really good (on paper anyway)

I'll have to do some more reading about the thing's power output at the different wind speeds. Does it actually produce power at the 1/2mph wind speed minimum needed to get it turning?? That would be great.

I'm thinking that this device would be VERY nice in remote locations where normal power delivery is difficult to get or non existent.

Around my residential neighborhood, it's not likely to ever pay for itself.


BTW..Here is an alternative (old school design) that costs about 1/5th as much but does need a bit more wind to run (5mph min).



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