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"Oil leak in balancing shaft area"


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Had my 06 RT in to the dealership for major 24k service (brutal: $850). Was told I have a failed seal in "balancing shaft area", and was quoted another $800 in labor, plus parts, to replace the seal. I was also told I could ride maybe another 1,000 miles before taking care of this. Does this sound rational? Is this a common failure? If so, has BMW offered any relief? If the work has to be done, what else should be taken care of, or improved upon, while the bike is open?

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Afternoon wsreid


On the early 1200 hexhead engines that is somewhat common (seepage anyhow). There was a change in the balance shaft, some shaft seals, bearings, balance weight, the shaft ft cover was eliminated and a change in front engine cover around late 07 early 08 that pretty well eliminated balancer shaft area leaks.


Without knowing exactly where yours is leaking no way to know how serious it is. If it is just “seeping” some oil maybe not an issue to worry about. If you look under a lot of early 05 & 06 1200’s you will see some oil seepage at the rear lower engine area.


If it were my bike I would first clean it up real good so I could watch it, then change the engine oil to an oil that is labeled for older vehicles (that oil has a lot more seal conditioner in it). Then ride it a while and see where I stood. If it isn’t actually dripping on the ground when parked probably no harm no foul.


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I still can't get past the $850 cost for a 24K service. Surely there's more in that total than just the standard 24,000-mile check list?


BTW, good luck on the leak.

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I have cleaned up the underside of the motor, and will try to get a better sense of the location and volume. The bike does not leave oil spots on the garage floor, so the condition doesn't seem critical, though I am now a bit paranoid about oiling the rear tire.


As for the 24k service price: about $650 in labor and about $200 in parts. However, there was no work beyond the actual service.

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