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Auto-Clutch Option


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My son has been getting interested in getting a side car rig but has some unique issues to overcome...due to a stroke at birth he doesn't have too much fine motor skills in his right hand, making it tough to get to the front brake. An option we had with his old honda 50 and yamaha pw80 was to mount the front brake on the left bar, since neither had a clutch to worry about. So we are looking into options of working the front brake...


Does anyone know if there might be bikes out there without manual clutches? We thought about putting a heal peddle for his left foot, as his right foot isn't overly helpful either. We have a couple dirt bikes he has ridden but he only uses the back brake, which is iffy at best anyway...makes me nervous when we go out!



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VFR1200 with the dual clutch transmission would seem a fair basis for a left hand brake conversion, could possibly even be configured for left foot brake one would imagine.

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My son has been getting interested in getting a side car rig but has some unique issues to overcome.Tom


Side car rig tells me possibly a balance issue also?



Piaggio MP3 LT





can am


Both in auto clutch versions I believe.



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Yes...there is a balance issue...he doesn't want a just a bike because he knows he isn't very steady...when he first learned to ride a bicycle about 15 years ago (he is 19 now) he would only do left turns...he would still be doing them if we didn't stop him!


We have looked at the can am with much longing but the old budget is in the semi-broken down category...the wife wants me to buy one and give the old GS to my son.

Saw many good sidecar rigs at the Rally last year in Redmond too.


Thanks for the suggestions...greatly appreciate it.

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Have you ever driven a sidecar?

I ask because it is very different IMO than a motorcycle.

There is a strength issue for turn, again, IMO, that would concern me if one side has a pronounced weakness.

Not trying to quash a dream, but I thought I wanted a side car one day, until I drove one.

Best wishes.

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Being a sidecar aficionado and currently owning 2 of them I think sidecars are an excellent way to go. With a linked ABS system it is fairly easy to have all 3 wheels linked to the right foot pedal and without the need to balance the pedal can be any size and location you want. A leading link front end will remove all issues with turning it and you can use the clutch in a normal fashion. If you are thinking of going the sidecar route there is a lot of good information and some extremely knowledgable prople in the Hacks forum on ADV. http://advrider.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=56

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I can vouch for the Maxi-scoot route. I love my Silverwing 600 scooter. Very capable machine, and some even put a sidecar or trike kit on it.


I'm not very pro-sidecar or trike kit though, I think both mods make motorcycles a rolling death-trap. =)

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