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Newbie, need help w/R1100RT


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Hopefully I am posting this in the right place. Just acquired a nice '96 1100RT, 41K miles. Other than being extremely grimey, it is complete, has had all dealer maintenance performed, and runs well. The first thing I wanted to do upon getting it home is give it a thorough cleaning. I took all of the plastic off minus the fairing (never seen so many screws!). The more I took off, the more I wanted to keep taking off so I could get all the innards clean. When I started to remove the tank, I ran into a problem. There is an allen-head screw that holds both the radio box and the air breather tub to the tank. It just turns and turns and will not come out. Apparently the metal insert is spinning. Before I get my dremel tool out and cut the head off the bolt, does anyone have any suggestions?


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Danny caddyshack Noonan

That could be a problem. Here's some possible solutions:

Preload the screw outward and then turn. Bind up the insert against the box. You'll need pliers instead of an allen key.

Drill a small hole next to the screw and put an awl in there to try to bind up the insert. Drift pin may work too.


Cuss it into submission. Probably won't work but, you might feel better...for a moment.


When it's out, put it in with a bit of JB weld. Take care to keep the threads clean.

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