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rough idle after being run and parked on side stand


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Hi to all,

Hoping someone can help me out here.This is my problem,I have

a 2003 1150rt that idles basically normal at cold startup and

will run fine for long distances or short for that matter.Here

is the problem,when I stop for a short period of time after the bike has been ridden a while and parked on the side stand it idles horribly at a low rpm until I ride it for a distance,not to terribly far,a mile or two and then it seems to idle fine again.It almost seems as though fuel goes to the left cylinder and needs to burn off?I think I smell fuel but then I wonder if its in my head and I am overthinking the problem but the issue is definitely there as far as the idle.Otherwise seems to run normal.Any ideas please.

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I'm not the best mechanic in the house---but the first thing I'd do under those conditions is this:

Right after you start it up and it idles horribly---shut it down and pull the left (low side) plug----see if it is wet with oil?

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Morning Detour


I agree with Fraidycat on it possibly being the low side spark plug oil fouling.


Being an 03 you could have either a single spark or twin spark system. By the sounds of how it is running after being on the side stand it sure sounds like a twin spark engine (2 spark plugs on each side).


Park it on the side stand after riding as usual then let it sit for a while. Then before starting it remove the lower L/H spark plug and see if it is oil covered or oil fouled. If so, stick a new spark plug in it then do a normal start. See if that allows it to idle properly upon start up.


Another thing to try is placing the bike on the center stand for about ½ hour after hot engine shut down. Then put it on the side stand for a while. If your rough engine start idle is gone there is a good chance oil is getting by the low side piston rings on hot engine shut down.


You didn’t say how many miles on your bike but if low miles there is a good chance your low side piston rings are not fully seated-in yet. Otherwise try a new spark plug and if you still have oiling issues on the low side either live with it or take it apart and de-glaze the low side then maybe install new rings.


If you are a very easy rider maybe try running the bike a bit harder and revving the engine a bit more using more of the engine RPM band using both heavier acceleration and long closed throttle decels.


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Thanks for the info guys,sorry I forgot to mention its a single

spark model.I had changed the plugs not to long ago although they looked fine I changed them anyway.I have not gotten a chance to ride it and pull the plug as you suggested but will let you know as soon as I do and what it looks like.Is this still as relavent being the single spark model or am I wrong in assuming it would just foul out on the single plug version if it was oil leakage or would it burn of and start to run correctly again as well.Thanks

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Morning again Detour


Oil fouling of the spark plug while parked is not usually a problem on the single spark engines as the plug is quite high and centralized. Not saying it can’t happen but the lower plug on the twin spark engine is far more likely to oil foul as it sits in the very bottom of the combustion chamber.


Also on the single spark engine if you oil foul a spark plug that side has no power (you are down to only one cylinder operating) so not only does it effect the idle it also effects engine power.


You might have a fuel issue but you would think a dripping injector would be a problem even if on the center stand. Might be a evap system problem but again that shouldn’t be just a side stand issue.


Maybe try draining your air box as it could have water or oil in it (drain is on bottom left rear of the air filter box, kind of hard to see and get to)


Maybe try leaving your gas cap open slightly when parked on the side stand, if that helps suspect a tank venting/evap system problem.


I have seen water in the fuel act strange on a parked and leaned motorcycle but that is kind or reaching a bit here.




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Thanks again for the response.It almost acts like its on one cylinder after the being parked part but as soon as you give it a little gas it picks right up and smooths out until you let of the throttle or is fine if you leave it on half choke while sitting still until you take off,but obviously these are not the correct way of dealing with it.I do realize that if it were a fouled plug on the single spark that it would run horrible but give it a little gas and it straightens out till you back off or ride it for a ways.Its tough dealing with in city traffic when you stopped for a bite or something and are looking to get back on the road.I will try plug pull asap.

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