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Have you got any Memorable Characters

Kathy R

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In all of your motorcycle trips what Character you've met along the way returns to your thoughts over the years?



I'm reminded often of an elderly woman in KS, Jane, who stopped to talk to me as I got off the bike in a small town. She knew nothing about riding or riders, but she was curious. Seeing that I was a woman she felt comfortable walking up and engaging me in a rich conversation.


We remained Pen Pals until she passed. I reread her letters nearly every year. A few minutes with a stranger can be a part of your life forever.


I'm looking forward to this years Characters.

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The Toy King


I met Johnny V. in 2003 on a West Coast trip. His # was given to us through the Wind & Fire M/C club. Not knowing us at all, he set us up with a hotel room & invited us to his firehouse for dinner the following night. He made us feel very welcomed in his City & I still think of his kindness quite often.



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...John loved what he was doing because he loved life and the people that surrounded him. I think that most of us feel lucky that we got to know John. A man like John only comes around once in a lifetime. The Toy King shall not be forgotten because he lives in each of our hearts.


A very special character indeed.

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