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High RPMs

Mark G

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02 r1150rt, Initially wanted to find out why there was plastic in engine, possibly tensioner/guide issue. Took all plastic off bike, never looked into the plastic issue but could not visually see through the tiny area that either were broken. So...cold winter, busy wife, never fixed it.


Started bike today for the 1st time in months, RPMs reved to 3500 and wont come down. Does anyone have any ideas what the issue could be?

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Afternoon Mark


Make sure you don’t have a throttle cable pulled out of it’s furrel seat at the TB units. Left side unseated will for sure give you high idle RPM’s, right side usually equals a dead cylinder.


Look for tight throttle cables or a throttle cable pulled loose.


With the choke OFF and the hand throttle rolled all the way off reach in on each side at the TB cam and see if you can manually close the throttle cam slightly, if you can (feels springy) something is holding that side open.


Otherwise look for a meaningful vacuum leak like a cracked intake boot or a TB unit pulled loose from an intake boot. Even the vacuum hose not on the bottom of the TB units can raise the idle a little.



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See...the small things us amatuers miss! Left throttle cable cover was out of it's seat atthe trottle body causing the tension on the cable.


Thanks DR!

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