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Oil Change procedure on a 1200RT (08) + missing tool kit


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I have not yet learned how to change the oil on my 1200RT and am looking for basic instructions on how to do this. I did search the forums and instead found some serious discussions about "oil type". I don't want re-ignite a religious war, just looking for instructions on how to change it...


Also, I do not have a tool kit for the bike.. any recommendations of what is needed. Thanks in advance



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PM sent re: Oil change.


As for toolkit: A Plastic Knife, Fork and Spoon would be the OEM equivalent. Toolkit was rather sparse. Just get good quality tools, as you do repairs. Then you'll have the start of a good tool kit.


OEM Version:



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FWIW, I have a BMW specific CruzTools kit I got when I had a GS - since I got it through Touratech they included a 22x19 adapter for the GS axle (not that I ever used it).

Decent tools in a nice bag. I am sure there are cheaper sets out there and I probably could have put something together with all the extra tools I have in various toolboxes & tool chests, but I tend to keep travel tools on the bike and garage tools in the garage.

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As far as the tool kit goes .... I used this as a starting point but modified for RT vs GS but many are the same.


Just make sure you have the torx heads to remove the plastic. I believe you need a #25 and #28 and maybe #30. Also, the Cruz Tools kit as noted is also a great starting point since you do not have the factory kit.


For the Oil change it is pretty straight forward.


  • Bike on Center Stand
  • 8mm allen wrench to remove the drain plug
  • BMW specific filter wrench (I used this one http://www.jesseluggage.com/accessories.html)
  • Reinstall the drain plug and NEW crush washer
  • Install BMW Filter



Sorry I do not have any photos. Personally I use BMW 20w50 Oil and a BMW filter. Just a bit less than 4 qts. usually gets it right where it needs to be.


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Remove the old oil. remove the old oil filter. Install the new oil filter. Pour in new oil. Not rocket science guys.


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He's right, it's a relatively simple procedure:





Although this tool kit is kind of pricey, it has everything

you'll need to do anything on your RT:




One tip I would add on the oil change....sometimes the rubber gasket sticks when you remove the old oil filter. If you don't see it when you remove the old filter, reach up inside the engine and pull it out. There is lots of good information on basic maintenance on the BMWMOA forum under hexheads DIY section, you also might want to consider Jim Von Baden's DVD on the topic as well. Good Luck, Don

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