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******Spoiler******* Jerez


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a war of attrition, sorry for Spies. Favorite comment from the guys "He's not going to pull a Rossi in turn one"


Very sorry for Colin Edwards, Happy for Hayden.


Lorenzo kept it upright.









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Paul Mihalka

What a race! Super performances ending crashes. Nobody hurt! Rossi: From 12th to second to crash to fifth!

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Rossi was impressive, course I am a bit biased. I know he wants to beat Lorenzo, but dial it back just a tad, it is wet or at least on rain tires. Great racing, can't wait for the next one.

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I just can't find anything to like about Stoner. I think he's a no-class guy. How many times last year did his Duc's front end wash out on him in similar situations, hot into corners?


Here's what he said to Rossi after the race:



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Guess everything's relative. I personally think Rossi was a total prat by trying that move on a bike he knew wouldn't handle it. It showed no respect for anyone in the race, including Stoner.


Fox Sports:


Australia's MotoGP ace Casey Stoner was right to respond to Valentino Rossi's apology with derision


* By Jacob Black


After being taken out by a hard-charging and desperate Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner dropped a sardonic quip that clearly caught the Italian superstar off guard.


It was warranted, it was appropriate, and it was brilliant.


After the race, master media-manipulator Rossi was at his best.


Finish the race a fortunate fifth, head back to the garage for the accolades with the team, and then round up a willing contingent to traipse off and 'apologise' to Casey Stoner - it's a Rossi classic.


As far as dog-and-pony shows go, this one was a corker, and Stoner to his credit would not be out-done.


Rossi went to the garage in full gear, helmet on and he made sure there was a media scrum in tow. This was no legitimate mea culpa, this was Rossi making a show of apologising.


Like apologising to your mother with your hoody and your sunglasses on, no-one makes a genuine apology with their helmet on.


Stoner for his credit, responded in kind - matching Rossi's pantomime with his own beaming smile and hearty handshake. His eyes met Rossi's and he delivered one of the best sledges in motorsport.


"You have something with your shoulder did you?" he snorted, referring to Rossi's complaints of a shoulder injury.


"Obviously your ambition outweighs your talent."


For a one-time MotoGP champion to tell a seven-time champion that might seem a bit rough, but it's obvious Stoner was referring to a one-off incident, not a career, and that great Aussie sledge was in this case 100 per cent accurate.




The Ducati is a handful, it invokes timidity from its lesser riders (Nicky Hayden anyone?) and desperation from superstars.


Rossi's mad dash through the field in the rain was inspired, until the desperation that Ducati inspires got the better of him and he made his move on Stoner. Marshalls controversially helped him restart, ignoring Casey Stoner, and Rossi would finish fifth.


Rossi is known for his mind games, before this season he told Italian press that Stoner was a 'madman' who repeated the same mistakes with his Ducati, the Italian has now had four front-end loses in as many weeks on the Duke.


Stoner knows the The Doctor's game, and he countered brilliantly.


Rossi expected anger, bitterness, even violence in front of the media. He saw an opportunity to turn himself from villain to victim counting on Stoner's inevitable anger.


What he got was civility, a smile and an irreverent verbal back-hander for the ages. I didn't see a whinger in Stoner, I saw a man who'd been played a rough card manage a stacked media deck masterfully.


The Arthur Fonzarelli 'Heeeeyyy' thumbs-up to camera was a nice touch too.

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So for the first time in recorded history Stoner managed to not come across as a total child after a race that didn't go as planned.....not exactly a brilliant counter but better than his typical crybaby antics.


Rossi blew the corner, it happens, get over it. Stoner is a fast rider on a well developed bike and has been on pole twice already this season. Hard to fault his skill, but he is a one time champion with a lot to prove before he can claim the level of respect he seems to feel he is deserved.


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Gary in Aus



Hello from the east ,


we had it broadcast live from around 9:00 Pm on Sunday night .


There are always a couple of respondents who jump into the posts with negatives and are usually best ignored , I usually wait and they go away.


I lost interest after Rossi did his usual Ducati riding style and dropped it and ended Stoners race. {Must be the handlebars}


Stoner very calm in dealing with Rossi , took away all the Rossi theatre , I would have tried to twist his helmet around 360 degrees whike it was still on his head.


Disappointed in the perceived performance of some of the officials and would expect that if a similar thing occured here they would never be allowed to officiate again.


A respondent to this topic found it "hilarious" I found it unfair , petty and less than professional.


Most contributors to these posts seem to have a real understanding and passion for motorcycle racing and the associated "theatre" and comment with considered and interesting knowledge and some just miss the point and knowledge component all together.


Quote "Hard to fault his skill, but he is a one time champion with a lot to prove before he can claim the level of respect he seems to feel he is deserved"




All of these wins while racing with Rossi , went to Ducati and earned for them a World Championship against the giants of Honda and Yamaha.


I also think that Rossi and Stoner are level pegging or very close in the most 800cc era race wins.


Winning a World Championship proves a hell of a lot!


It would be good if the discussion engaged more with the race so I will try to steer it back to that ,


one of the highpoints for me being Hayden on the podium, the first Ducati podium of the season and hopefully not Haydens last.


From the coverage it seemed that most fell near or at the Sito Pons Corner and most seemed to drop the front , not limited to one make of motorcycle ,so could it have been more of a tyre rather than rider issue ,mind you Lorenzo,Pedrosa and Hayden didn't fall and they were on the podium ?


I know the first couple of races don't constitute a season but Lorenzo seems to be a machine ,clinical and on a good product.

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You can count the repeat winners for yourself....


1949 Leslie Graham UK AJS

1950 Umberto Masetti ITA Gilera

1951 Geoff Duke UK Norton

1952 Umberto Masetti ITA Gilera

1953 Geoff Duke UK Gilera

1954 Geoff Duke UK Gilera

1955 Geoff Duke UK Gilera

1956 John Surtees UK MV Agusta

1957 Libero Liberati ITA Gilera

1958 John Surtees UK MV Agusta

1959 John Surtees UK MV Agusta

1960 John Surtees UK MV Agusta

1961 Gary Hocking SR MV Agusta

1962 Mike Hailwood UK MV Agusta

1963 Mike Hailwood UK MV Agusta

1964 Mike Hailwood UK MV Agusta

1965 Mike Hailwood UK MV Agusta

1966 Giacomo Agostini ITA MV Agusta

1967 Giacomo Agostini ITA MV Agusta

1968 Giacomo Agostini ITA MV Agusta

1969 Giacomo Agostini ITA MV Agusta

1970 Giacomo Agostini ITA MV Agusta

1971 Giacomo Agostini ITA MV Agusta

1972 Giacomo Agostini ITA MV Agusta

1973 Phil Read UK MV Agusta

1974 Phil Read UK MV Agusta

1975 Giacomo Agostini ITA Yamaha

1976 Barry Sheene UK Suzuki

1977 Barry Sheene UK Suzuki

1978 Kenny Roberts USA Yamaha

1979 Kenny Roberts USA Yamaha

1980 Kenny Roberts USA Yamaha

1981 Marco Lucchinelli ITA Suzuki

1982 Franco Uncini ITA Suzuki

1983 Freddie Spencer USA Honda

1984 Eddie Lawson USA Yamaha

1985 Freddie Spencer USA Honda

1986 Eddie Lawson USA Yamaha

1987 Wayne Gardner AUS Honda

1988 Eddie Lawson USA Yamaha

1989 Eddie Lawson USA Honda

1990 Wayne Rainey USA Yamaha

1991 Wayne Rainey USA Yamaha

1992 Wayne Rainey USA Yamaha

1993 Kevin Schwantz USA Suzuki

1994 Michael Doohan AUS Honda

1995 Michael Doohan AUS Honda

1996 Michael Doohan AUS Honda

1997 Michael Doohan AUS Honda

1998 Michael Doohan AUS Honda

1999 Alex Criville SPA Honda

2000 Kenny Roberts Jr USA Suzuki

2001 Valentino Rossi ITA Honda

2002 Valentino Rossi ITA Honda

2003 Valentino Rossi ITA Honda

2004 Valentino Rossi ITA Yamaha

2005 Valentino Rossi ITA Yamaha

2006 Nicky Hayden USA Honda

2007 Casey Stoner AUS Ducati

2008 Valentino Rossi ITA Yamaha

2009 Valentino Rossi ITA Yamaha

2010 Jorge Lorenzo SPA Yamaha



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I'm not buying into the argument one way or another. I freely acknowledge that Rossi is a brilliant champion. But so is anyone out on that track with him ... even if I were young enough, I could only ever dream of riding at 10% of what those guys do.


I do believe however that Stoner was only talking about Rossi's attempted overtake in that particular race, not his entire record. And Rossi doesn't seem to have a problem admitting he was in the wrong and overcooked it ... which is what Stoner said. And Rossi is what? seven years older than Stoner? Who knows where Stoner could be in another seven years ...


It's going be an interesting few races ...

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Rossi was what, almost to the apex while expecting not to go wide after overtaking, it was almost done. Wish he would have waited, but also wish he would have made it going wide a tad, then lets finish the race and see what falls.


Bottom line, great race to watch and probably lots of fun to be in it if you like to see if your heart will explode!

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One season of greatness......no one can deny that.


However during his time in the GP class Rossi has beaten him every other season in the points and won more championships. As for the next 7 years, who knows, but my money is on Spies to win a championship before Stoner does. Repeating is rare for a reason.....right now Stoner is in elite company but that company includes Hayden, Roberts Jr. and a number of other good riders....from what I have seen he is just not very consistent, I mean Rossi broke his leg last year, missed 4 races, and still beat him in the points....

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I have seen nothing from Spies that make me think he will ever be competitive in MOTO GP?


I wish that wasn't true.



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It is kind of amusing that none of the Australians here recognize or acknowledge Casey's quote about ambition. It is a well known phrase used by Australian racers to describe ANY crash that was caused by either braking too late, losing the front end because of too much speed, or what have you. It is NOT meant to be a derogatory comment. My oldest brother, who is not Australian, btw, but raced off road cars and boats for a bunch of years, came to watch me at a race in south Florida. We were standing on pit wall, near the end of the front straight, which ends with a partial tire wall, partial retention pond. If you try to make the turn, and don't, you hit the tire wall. If you don't make the turn and go straight, you end up in the water. A big bike came flying down the straight, and I knew he had blown his brake marker. My brother looked up, and said 'He just ran out of talent', just before the guy flew off the end of the track into the water. Not a derogatory statement, and the rider didn't take it that way later when I talked to him. Just a simple way of saying 'He is screwed'.

And anyone who calls Rossi's move 'desperate' is out of their mind. With the times he was running up to that point Casey and all the riders in front of him were going to be racing for second before the lap was over, so he had plenty of time for the pass. Rossi loves that kind of track condition, as does Spies. I think Rossi made a small error because he didn't expect Casey to move over.

BTW - I love the way Casey rides and think he will win another championship. I also think Dani is awesome. But I cheer for Elbowz.

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John Ranalletta
I just can't find anything to like about Stoner. I think he's a no-class guy. How many times last year did his Duc's front end wash out on him in similar situations, hot into corners?

Not likable? Here he's demonstrating true sportsmanship by cheering Rossi on...or was he?
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I'm sorry I got this thread so far off the topic of the race and the racing. Despite Lorenzo's great ride, I think one of the Hondas will be the champion.

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Gary in Aus



no need to be sorry as I was too quick to jump in.


Probably being parochial about Stoner but my comments also took it away from a discussion about the race ,which I would have preferred.


I am sure it is a cultural thing but I am not comfortable when denigrating one persons to advance another occurs , its better when people rise on their own merit.


I also should be mature enough to avoid pissing competitions, especially ones where you can't finish with the required punch in the face.


I know it has only been two races yet if Lorenzo/Yamaha keeps improving , who knows ?


A concern for Honda is that their three riders will divide the points , left over from Lorenzo, amongst themselves and a clear challenger won't eventuate.



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Well yay for my boy, Nicky! I know he got that podium through attrition, but ya gotta be in it to win it, and his rear tire didn't look good at all, so good on him for not crashing like most of the rest of the field!


As for the Valentino/Casey thing, I think Casey is right to direct most of his anger at the marshalls for not helping him to get restarted...that sucks. He does have a right to be frustrated at Vale for knocking him off in the first place, but as he says, it was a "racing incident", and to use a stupid phrase, it is what it is.

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What were the marshals to do?

Vallie's bike was in front of Casey's and running to boot. Should they have pushed Casey's bike over Rossi's? The Honda is reportedly a real bastard to push start without the special clutch pins installed anyway. It would be tougher when trying to push it over a Ducati with a skinny little Italian on it.

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From what it looked like, there were like 78 people helping Rossi, and ONE guy helping Casey (and, like you said, the Honda is much tougher to push start, so he could have used more help). I thought they were pretty side by side after they finished sliding, and thus, both could have gotten going about the same time. But let's just say they had to help Rossi first for logistical reasons, and then Casey, they didn't even do that! Once Rossi was underway, Casey had to gesture and curse (what it looked like on TV!) to get them to come over and help him.


Again, this was all from the TV view, but it seemed pretty bad.


And I'm not a huge Casey fan, FYI, but c'mon!

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