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What is the plug under the rear seat?


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I was looking for my plug kit under the rear seat and found an electrical plug that was just laying there. Not plugged into any receptacle and one for it could not be found.

Maybe something to do with the factory tail box?

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I doubt if it's the alarm connector. Since the alarm module is on the CAN bus, it's connector cannot be left open, or bus traffic is compromised. If no alarm or TPMS is fitted, the connector will be plugged into a small module containing a 120-ohm resistor.

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The TPM/Alarm I believe to be an 8 pin connector the connector for the rear accessory oulet is a 2 pin. I would think they would use a terminator cap if not used but I have both the rear aux socket and TPM so I don't know for sure.

Could also be for the rear seat heater, I believe a 3 pin connector. Pulling this from what little memory I have left.

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I will take a pick of it Monday after work. 7:30 pm. I have seen the seat heat connectors and this one is pretty large, like 1" diameter.

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Diagnostic connector? Is it round, and 10 pin?


That is the closest description so far. It was dark in there so a pic will come.

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I sounds like the diagnostic plug. That's where either BMW plugs in their computer, or you do with something like the GS-911.



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