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Need input re: communications systems


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I have an 08 RT1200 and my wife rides a 2010 G650GS, and we really need to have a bike-to-bike communication system. On our previous bikes we tried a hard-wired Baehr system with VERY poor results, so we are starting from scratch. We use in-ear speakers (ER-6) for our ipods for music. What we are looking for is a system that would allow us to continue to use the ipods and ear speakers, but which would also allow us to communicate. We generally ride about 100-300 yards apart, so long range isn't necessary. I am considering the Scala G-4 and Chatterbox, but am open to whatever system would work the best. I'd also like it to be expandable so that my son, who often rides with us, could also be added later on. I'd appreciate suggestions from others who have found an effective, reliable communications system.

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I have an Autocom installed on my RT, but it was time for new helmets for me and my wife, so we thought we'd give bluetooth a whirl (the Autocom remains on the bike). A couple of months ago I bought two Sena SMH-10 bluetooth units (the "dual pack"). For me, I also bought the optional helmet clamp unit for earbuds which allows you to plug in your in-ear speakers, but does away with the helmet speakers. My wife uses the standard helmet clamp unit that comes with helmet speakers. We use it for rider/passenger intercom, not bike-to-bike, but others use it for that.


Check out the review on WebBikeWorld and their comparison of four bluetooth intercoms:





Here's the company's site:



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I need more that 300 yards, so I've been using an autocom with GMRS for the last 5 or so years on several bikes. Always works perfect with no issues. No pairing required, all is bike powered so when I turn on the ignition, I can talk with either the PTT or VOX depending on my switch position. Range is suppose to be 5 miles but my experience is about a mile at best but enough for me. With my autocom, when I get a phone call or a transmission on the GMRS, it automatically mutes the XM or MP3 music then resumes it when I finish talking. Great system.

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++ I have had 3 bikes with Autocom's, running B2B with GMRS, GPS, radar detector, and XM audio thru them with the same good results with each installation. As John said, GMRS is simpler than Bluetooth. I had bluetooth once but converted over to the GMRS setup. I'm sure some may chime in re. how they love Bluetooth.


As for Chatterbox, I have had poor experience with their stuff. Google it and you'll see the problems others have had--spend your $$$ elsewhere.







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I use Autocom with a Kenwood radio for bike to bike. As others have said, Autocom gives a lot of options, all of which work flawlessly. Not bluetooth, but wired is not a big problem if you want something that works every time in every condition.

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I've used a wired chatterbox for several years and it does what I need it to do. Satellite radio, GPS voice, and phone as well as bike-to-bike. If you're an audiophile, it will not provide superior quality sound (I find that level unnecessary on a motorcycle). It is powered by the bike so it never dies. It does use a noise canceling headset with microphone so the ER6s wouldn't work unless you cut/wired.

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John Bentall

You do not mention GPS or radar detector in your post (which add complexity to the set-up), so it is likely that a Sena/Scala G4 set-up will work work you.



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Not saying this is best but it worked for me. J&M CB handle bar unit. Does all the GPS, cell phone, IPOD etc........... Reason I like the CB vs blue tooth, is when you get on the open road, you have channel 9 and 19. If you ride Alaska Channel 19 is used also with the construction works.


The company below provides everything at a good price.





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Sena SMH10 bluetooth. Just an awesome unit. The base unit uses speakers in the helmet, but that can be changed out to allow the use of earbuds. I have not used buds, I use speakers so can't speak to how well the buds acutally work. The speakers and base unit are just awesome. Four units can be paired together, they are very simple to use with two large buttons, that's it, can stream music to the unit or you can use a cord. Phone works great through them, but the coolest part is the intercom, 75+ down the road, one touch and you are talking to your riding partner, and it is crystal clear. When you are done talking, one touch and you are on your own again. Get off the bike - no wires to mess with or anything. Shut them off for the day and when you turn them back on, they automatically pair back up. I simply love the Sena I have been using, next to heated gear, the best extra I have bought for riding. Actually ordering another unit today for my wife to use. Up to this point have just been using it with my brother and we are both astounded at how well they work.

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