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Beemer Boneyard - Gotta love them


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I put together a pretty good sized order for Spring Upkeep and Maint. on my 02 RT. Got done and placed the order with PayPal. Of course, I was a dope and forgot to add in my MOA discount. Sent them a note and had a response and refund of the discount by midnight. In the past when ordering for my 02 and a buddies 99, the contacted me to ensure I was getting the right parts, when they saw the discrepancies in applications. Great customer service, combined with more service parts each time I visit the site, make for a great place to shop.

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It's a little shop, with two brothers working LITERALLY out of their garage. Full down-to-earth commitment.


I routinely buy my maintenance items there, sometimes even stop by to pick up in person, when I am in the area.


They deserve the kudos and recommendations!


(Come to think of it, I do need some oil and spark plugs... :grin: )


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