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Brake Leak


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I recently had the brake line replacement recall done on my 2007 R1200RT. After the service, I noticed a small amount of brake fluid on the bleeder valve on the caliper. I assumed it was from things not being completely cleaned up. However, a few days later, it looks like the threads on the valve are slightly wet. I tightened the valve slightly; hopefully, that will take care of it.


In case it doesn't, I'm wondering what type of seal is on the bleeder valve? I can't seem to see anything looking at the parts fiche.





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Bleed screws seal with the taper at the end of the screw bedding into a chamfered orifice. There is no additional seal used or required.



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Thanks so much. This is exactly what I thought. Hopefully the leak does not continue as I'm not sure a new valve would help (chamfered orifice may be damaged).

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