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Oops, got Michelin Pilot Power rather than Pilot Road 2


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When I bought a set of tires recently, I somehow managed to get Michelin Pilot Power rather than Pilot Road 2. No, I'm not sure how I did that....


Anyway, has anyone had experience in both tires? I'm hoping the somewhat shortened life will not be too drastic and I'll just live with it. In other words, the cost to me for getting the Pilot Road 2 may not be worth it. They are not mounted yet, still have the stickers on them etc. My normal riding is fairly mild with quite a bit of highway, and track day once a year...

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i use pilot power's for my track bike. Just put a new pair on before the last track day. They do ok on the street as occassional weekend day trip. But the are awesome (for my ability) on the track. Once again I am not the fastest rider, and I can change my own tires and run them backwards if I am goint to left or right handed track. But I got 5 good track days out of my last set, and one weekend BRR trip. They were toast after that.

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I wore out 2 pairs of Pilot Powers on my RT. They did not last as long as most other tires I have used, but I think I still got close to 5K out of the rear tire, and maybe 7K from the front, including some track time. They were great.



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Thanks for the opinions.


I'd like to hang onto the Pilot Power's, but...


I'm checking the cost of exchanging them with E Moto Tires..




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I am not sure the Pilot Powers are made for the weight of the RT.


Could be a lot of deflection?


I remember having those on my FJR with Phil(1bmwfan) riding behind me telling me he could see the tires moving outside the rim edges. I checked the pressure....40f and 42R.







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Sell the rear and keep the softer front and just buy a PR2 for the rear from Competition Accessories where they are on sale for a good price. That way they will both wear out at the same time and your only replacing the rear.

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Looks like I'll be sending them back for an exchange. They are allowing me to return them, paying only the return shipping, and of course the difference of the slightly higher price.


Thanks for everybody's advice.

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