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Valve adjustment


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Did my fist valve adjustment on my new to me 2002 1150RT, pretty straight forward. Single rocker is interesting, I can see why the adjustment is important. Sure have a lot less surging now as it really needed some attention, will tackle the throttle body sync next.


I sure am enjoying getting to know this bike, riding it isn't too bad either

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I already had the tupperware off both sides the first weekend I had the bike, I'm a curious type LOL. I replaced all the black 5mm fasteners with polished S.S. ones, need a bottom tap to straighten out a few.

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The black fasteners are vastly superior to most aftermarket ones.

The black ones are Stainless and the black can be buffed off.

The head diameter is much wider on the stock fastners therefore imparting better load onto the plastics, the allen key socket is also closer tolerance to most aftermarket button heads.

Also the plastic washers are better than most aftermarket ones. The washers are a close fit on the shank of the bolt, and the thickness spreads load well.

I know they cost more, but in this very rare case, it's the stock OEM ones for me.


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If you haven't already, try Autolite 3923 spark plugs. I have the same bike as you and it helped my surging.

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I sure am enjoying getting to know this bike, riding it isn't too bad either


If ur like me, u wont be satisfied till u,do the upgrades...like...

Timing chain tensioner

fuel line quick disconnect[from plastic to metal]


rear brake foot extension

Handle bar riser extensions

alt belt cover[remove/slice in half/drill hole for easier access to crank engine to TDC]

synching the TB are easy enough, but I find you limited in adjusting idle speed, albeit there are electronic devices out there that will speed up the idle, I am still undecided on witch one.

Put 1600 miles on last week, and it was a pleasure.



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