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Synching schedule?


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I bought my 04 1150 last summer and parked it in October for the winter. Once the snow is gone in another couple of weeks, should I get the carbs syched and valves adjusted? Is this something that can be done in my own shop or is it only a dealer thing?

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The schedule for serices on the 1150 is every 6000 miles alternating between major and minor. Valve adjust and TBS are carried out in both services. This is an easy home job provided you have the tools, with the only 'special tools' being torque wrenches and a throttle balancer (I have a home-built manometer). A good reference is The Oilhead Maintenance Manual - oh, and asking questions here.



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Hi Kaygem, the other time to do the synch is when you suspect the thing is not as nice as it was.

I don't subscribe to some things being just on a set preiodicity. You will feel things through the bike and then you can either live with it until the 'set' time, or get into it earlier. Whatever your choice, doing it yourself is cheap easy and satisfying.


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It really depends on how many miles the bike has on it in total. Up to 24k or so, 6k valve and TB services make good sense. Once everything beds in and quits moving, not so much. I now do mine around 12k, and seldom do much adjusting. 6k would be silly. This with 63k. YMMV.

Back to the original question.......There is no rational reason to do these adjustment because of the turning of calendar pages instead of mileage. Good Luck!

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It makes me cry too. Still two feet of snow and 0 C here! Perhaps a should buy a set of spiked ice racing tires like we have on the dirt bikes.

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It makes me cry too. Still two feet of snow and 0 C here! Perhaps a should buy a set of spiked ice racing tires like we have on the dirt bikes.


O C?


That's ALMOST freezing, isn't it!


Holy Cow!


You probably don't want to know that it's 80 F(riggin') degrees right now here in SoCal! Almost too hot for long pants, unless they are riding pants, of course.


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Morning kaygem


Seeing as you bought the bike last summer it sounds like you do not have a trusted maintenance history of that bike. Unless you personally know and trust the last person that did the valve adj and TB sync you really should do (or have it) done so you have a trusted baseline.


As far as doing it yourself there is nothing exceptionally difficult about either the valve adjustment or the TB sync. If you have adjusted mechanical valves on other bikes or cars you will have no problems with the BMW boxer. Same with the TB sync, with only 2 cylinders it is much easier than a 3 or 4 cylinder TB sync as you can do a simple side to side delta using a homemade “U” tube manometer. In fact that is “much” more accurate than even expensive electronic sync tools and “way” more accurate than any of the “inches or mercury” run of the mill vacuum gauges.


If you don’t have a background in doing valve adjustments it is still doable at home but in my opinion the BMW boxer is one of the more difficult valve systems for the beginner to get perfect as there is one rocker arm serving 2 valves with a lot of compliancy in the valve train so there is a certain amount of FEEL involved in getting them just right.


In any case if you adjust the valves(and move any) you really then should follow up with a proper TB sync as the valve setting can have some effect on the TB balance.


Once you check the valves a few times at given intervals you can get a handle on if they are staying put or still moving. If staying put you can increase the check interval substantially.


One system I personally use once the valves settle down and quit moving is to just ignore them until you have a reason to remove the Tupperware. At that time as long as you have the plastic off go ahead and do the valves and TB sync.




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