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Which in-ear molded speaker for Starcom1?


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Hi all,


We're enjoying our Starcom1 (after two Autocom systems, thot I'd try the competition), especially the fact that we have the choice between the helmet speakers and in-ear speakers.


In the past I've used custom molded ear protection with in-ear speakers, but I'm thinking the way to go is to have custom molded in-ear speakers for trips. I would love to have around 20-25db reduction AND clear speech and music.


Anyone have any suggestions for where I can send my custom ear protection pieces and get in-ear speakers made that will work with the Starcom1 system?






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ER-6i.... Not molded but readily available and fit the rest of your criteria.


+1 on the Etymotics (my wife and I both use them).

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Arizona Al

He may be able to send the stuff 2 you but usually does it in person.




I have had Al make me custom-molded in-ear speakers in person, and via long-distance (in the latter case, I had impressions made at an audiologist and then I sent them to Al for the plugs to be made, cored and the tubes/drivers attached). You'll always see endorsements for the Etymotics, but in my case they did not work for me, no matter what tips I used. They never sealed well enough to block the noise sufficiently. Obviously, they have worked well for others.

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Another vote for AZ Al here! Had a pair made about 3 years ago, still going strong (though admittedly a bit stinky now!) I also use them on planes. Fantastic!!



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Thanks for all the comments. The ACS + Etymotics solution is what most appeals to me, and ACS is located in the UK, not too far away.


ACS suggested the ER6i would be the best choice (as opposed to MC5 which they felt might stick out a bit and be uncomfortable in the the helmet).


In France ACS partners with http://www.prodembout.fr/, however Prod'Embout quoted me 282 euros (about $400USD) for the ER6i's and 110 euros ($157USD) for the in-ear molded part, which is, um, a little high (especially for the ER6i which sells for what, $100 in the US?)


I'm used to paying more for the same stuff here, mostly because of taxes, but I usually draw the line at double the normal price and this is significantly more than that.


I'll keep you informed if there's a good ending...




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I'm a newbie to the concept of using in-ear speakers rather than in-helmet speakers (Autocom). So, I'm looking for some feedback on the best setup for using something like the Etymotic 6isolator plugs with the Autocom wiring harness.


I imagine the wires from the E6i is very tiny, making a connection somewhat iffy for an old, clumsy guy. I need the speakers to accept sound from the various outputs from the Autocom (phone, mp3, GPS, radio, etc), so the signal has to come through the Autocom.


How's the best way to do this?


Also, don't the plugs tend to pull out when putting on or taking off the helmet?


Thanks for the feedback.

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Siman00, I have an Autocom that was installed mid-2007. I use it exclusively with earbuds (I cut out and removed the helmet speakers very early on). I had to buy a special Autocom helmet lead that had an in-line "black box" with a port into which I plug the lead from my earbuds (BTW, I use earbuds made by Az Al of this Board). Autocom now has a helmet loom that comes without speakers, but has a short fly lead dangling out of the helmet into which you'd plug your earbud lead. I put the earbud lead down inside my jacket then bring it back up the front (on the outside) before plugging it into the port on the helmet lead's "black box". I generally wrap the earbud lead around the helmet lead a few times, so it doesn't flap around. I've never had a problem with Az Al's earbuds coming out when putting on, or removing, my helmet. I did, however, have exactly that problem when I tried the ER6i earbuds you're considering. I found them a major PITA (others don't, obviously).

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We have Al's for Beth and I'm still using the E 6's until I replace them w/Al's.

We both wear skull caps by Schampa that keeps helmet liner cleaner and drier, facilitates easier donning and doffing of the helmet, and keeps earbuds in place.



Coolskin and coolmax available.

All run thru the Autocom (intercom/XM/cell/B2B{sold}GPS/aux music input) w/no problems.


Best wishes.

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I am on my 3rd set of ER-6i's. The sound quality is much better than run of the mill earbuds. They work great for me when just riding alone for music and little need for communicating with others. I would warn you that when properly inserted, not only do they block out unwanted noise that can lead to hearing loss but I can't hear someone talking to me or even my horn on my GS when I honk it. I experimented with running my phone through my Zumo but with no sidetone, you cannot hear yourself speak so it's difficult to modulate your speech volume. I am still trying to find out the soulution to that. I can't imagine riding without them though. Seems like helmet speakers plus wind noise would be unbearable.

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