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Carlsbad Caverns


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The wife and I will be doing an over-niter to Carlsbad and I was wanting to know if anyone has ridden the Reef Top Circle near the Caverns ?

Looks like a nice 10 mile long gravel loop, but I am wondering if it is soft or hard packed. Hard to tell on Google Street View.


Don't want to take any chances :P

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The Carlsbad Caverns were wonderful and I'm glad I saw them. On the other hand, the afternoon ride from the caverns to Roswell was the longest, hottest, de-hydratingest, miserable afternoon that I have ever spent on a motorcycle...and the scenery wasn't that great either. By the way, we had no urge to fry around the Reef Top Circle so I can't tell you what the road was like in terms of surface condition. The temperature was warm enough at the surface that tar squeezed up around my side stand and both tires sunk about 1/4" into the surface of the parking lot.

Happy ending to story: They did have a couple of cold beers left at Roswell when we got there and the air conditioning did work in the motel. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the reply.


It's only suppose to be up to 90 in Carlsbad on Saturday, so hopefully not too unbearable.

And we do plan to stroll up to Roswell for the night after touring the Caverns, then back to OKC on Sunday.

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