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Garmin problems/rant


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I'll rant for a minute then ask a question.


Bought Zumo 550 in 2007 or 08 (whenever they came out) and loved it until it died in 2010. Paid Garmin, got a "refurbished unit" but it couldn't find satellites. Send it back to Garmin for refurb unit #2, but that unit was lost. Thought one city was hundreds of miles from where it was.....and had it's own via points and made up it's own info nothing to do with my input. Send back and waiting for refurb. unit #3.


In the meantime in Dec. I sent in a Streetpilot 2730 with a nonfunctional touchscreen....paid my money and they sent me a 2820 (didn't tell me I'd get a different model). Yeah I know, lucky to get that. I've been running it in the car to be sure it worked but this weekend finally got it wired into the RT, plugged the xm radio in and I thought I was ready to go. But the buzzzzz is horrendous. Tried multiple pairs of headphones, all of them buzzzzzz. Car adapter sound doesn't buzz at all.


Needless to say I'll call them tomorrow.....I think I'm within my 90 days still.


So, here's my question. Does anything think Garmin tracks units by serial number to see if they were ever fixed? For instance, could they look up my 2820's SN and see if the last person sent it back for the same reason? Same with the Zumos? Not that they will give me that info or anything. Anyone gotten that info from Garmin?


Very frustrating.





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Urban Surfer

I doubt if they track units like that. They just wanted to now that I had bought it new from a dealer. I sent one in as did a friend of mine and we both got new units!, including the latest maps which would have been nearly

the same cost as the replacement. The warantee had long since expired. I did have to send mine back again, the one they sent me didn't work at all. They sent me a new one again.

Seemed good value to me, cosidering the new maps, battery and bag.

Im sure they re use the internals.

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John Bentall



The stereo 3.5mm output on the 2820 does buzz quite loudly - so loud that I only ever use the mono sound via the "car mount". It is a design flaw with that model where the stereo socket is very near the electronics for the screen.

Having said that, I do know that some folks do have units that do not buzz. If you send yours back you may or may not get another unit that buzzes.


Hope this helps,



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plugged the xm radio in and I thought I was ready to go. But the buzzzzz is horrendous. Very frustrating. Nancy


My Buzz with a 2610 and a XM was was caused by a ground loop. Bought a ground loop isolator and my buzz went away.

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