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brake light on after abs fluid change?

Grey Ghost

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I did the fluid bleed and change on my '04 1150RT 88k mi ABS and brale sys last weekend. I used the power pump in the abs to bleed that system and then bled the front and rear mastercyl using the levers as normal. All was working before and all brakes are functional and firm now however the brake light stays on now where it used to go out immediately. The ABS light flashes as normal but goes out as soon as I start moving just like always. I double-triple checked fluid levels in both abs and master cyls. I used a funnel built onto a new cap to be sure no air got into the abs during bleeding and am really mistified as to why the brake light is suddenly on all the time. It came on the first time I turned on the key to start bleeding and has been on since. Any Ideas? do I need to reset something? I disconected battery no help.

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For clarification, it's the brake light as in stopping indicator that will not extinguish?

If so then activate the brake leavers one at a time & listen for the "click" of a switch. The one that does not have the click requires further investigation.

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Morning Gray Ghost


If you used a funnel built into a cap to service your ABS it sure sounds like you did add fluid back into the controller’s reservoir’s.


If I understand what you are saying it’s that your ABS light flashes normally then goes out on ride-away but your general light is staying on (correct?).


If you still have power assist on the brakes after ride-off then there is a very high probability that your rear brake or tail light bulb is burnt out.


On the I-ABS systems like your 04 bike has the ABS computer monitors both the brake light and tail light bulb for resistance and if the tail light bulb is burn out it brings the brake light back on at partial power then sets the general light. Or if a brake light bulb is burnt out it again sets the general light.


SO—physically remove the rear bulb or bulbs and check them for a broken filament.





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Morning Fellow Riders!


the service procedure for the abs3 is the one I used.(from advr)


Yes I checked the connector got plugged back in correctly(the light was on before I unplugged it.)


Both front & rear levers activate the circuit ok.


I have already removed the tank and triple checked the fluid levels. (twice)


I will check the brake lights this morning.


Thanks very much for all the great suggestions! Please suggest anything else it could be that comes to mind.

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Well I checked the tail lights and to my Great chagrin the tail light bulb was burned out. I just had the bike inspected 3 wks ago and I know it was working then because I saw him check it and the brake light. The timing could not have been closer, it went out as I started the bleed job. Great thanks to Dirtrider he hit it spot on. Boy do I feel dumb-a whole week of checking and double checking everything I did just for a bulb! I think that will top my troubleshooting list from now on-CHECK ALL BULBS 1ST!!! I also added 4 bulbs to my extra parts kit!

Thank You all again for the help.

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Evening Gray Ghost


Glad you got your problematic light to go out.


Yep! Aren’t modern vehicle electronics marvelous? Such a simple circuit (if you know it’s in there) but a real PITA if you don’t.


At least some of the newer bikes show a little light bulb symbol on the dash when a light burns out rather than just popping on a bright warning light making you think your brakes went kaput.



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At least some of the newer bikes show a little light bulb symbol on the dash when a light burns out rather than just popping on a bright warning light making you think your brakes went kaput.




Freaked me out the 1st time my 03 RT did that.

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Experiencing the same dreaded warning light after a day of maintenance. Checked the tail light bulb this morning and eureka... blown. Thanks for the posts; saved me much pain and anguish on this rainy Saturday.

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